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Synthesis of the Conference 2009 Presentation J. Ohi; T. Jordan; S. Dorofeev presentation_45.pdf (86.43 KB)
Syngas Explosion Reactivity in Steam Methane Reforming Process 2013 Conference Paper S. Jallais; A. Gavrikov paper_197.pdf (309.15 KB) , presentation_91.pdf (636 KB)
Supporting National And Local Efforts to Deploy H2 Applications 2013 Presentation M. Reijalt Supporting National And Local Efforts to Deploy H2 Applications.pdf (569.54 KB)
Study on the Harm Effect of Liquid Hydrogen Release by Consequence Modeling 2011 Conference Paper L.I. Zhiyong; P.A.N. Xiangmin; M.E.N.G. Xi; M.A. Jianxin paper_145.pdf (119.7 KB) , presentation_62.ppt (567 KB)
Study on Behavior of Ambient Hydraulic Cycling Test for 70 mpa Type-3 Hydrogen Composite Cylinder 2013 Conference Paper S.M. Cho; C.J. Kim; E.J. Kim; I. Kim paper_232.pdf (253.45 KB)
Study of Potential Leakage on Several Stressed Fittings for Hydrogen Pressures Up to 700 Bar 2011 Conference Paper D. Houssin-Agbomson; D. Jamois; C. Proust; J. Daubech; S. Ruban; S. Jallais paper_103.pdf (354.5 KB) , presentation_35.ppt (6.89 MB)
Study of Post-Fire Verification Method for the Activation Status of Hydrogen Cylinder Pressure Relief Devices 2015 Conference Paper Y. Koji; T. Yohsuke Presentation_ID168_2015.10.21.pdf (3.14 MB) , paper_325.pdf (493.21 KB)
Study of Hydrogen Enriched Premixed Flames 2005 Conference Paper V. Di Sarli; A. Di Benedetto 100032.pdf (186.8 KB)
Study of Hydrogen Diffusion and Deflagration in a Closed System-Paper 2007 Conference Paper Y. Ishimoto; E. Merilo; M. Groethe; S. Chiba; H. Iwabuchi; K. Sakata Study of Hydrogen Diffusion and Deflagration in a Closed System.pdf (1.8 MB)
Study of Fire Risk and Accidents Emergency Disposal Technology System of Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles 2017 Conference Paper X. Liu; Y. Chen Paper-175.pdf (187.86 KB)
Structural Response for Vented Hydrogen Deflagrations: Coupling CFD and FE Tools 2017 Conference Paper T. Skjold; H. Hisken; A. Hanssen Paper-224.pdf (3.4 MB) , Presentation-ID224.pptx (7.34 MB)
Structural response for vented hydrogen deflagrations: coupling CFD and FE tools 2017 Conference Paper Atanga, G., Lakshmipathy, S., Skjold, T., Hisken, H. and Hanssen, A.G. 224.pdf (3.4 MB) , 2_ID224.pptx (7.34 MB)
Structural Health Monitoring Techniques for Damages Detection in Hydrogen Pressure Vessels 2013 Conference Paper J.C. Sanchez; F. Quero; E. Harnandez; A. Ortega; J. Latapia; J.A. Bea; J. Galindo; I. Azkarate Structural Health Monitoring Techniques for Damages Detection in Hydrogen Pressure Vessels.pdf (159.39 KB)
Strong and Mild Ignition Mechanism Behind Reflected Shock Waves in Hydrogen Mixture 2013 Conference Paper M. Asahara; Y. Shirakawa; A.K. Hayashi; N. Tsuboi presentation_72.pdf (11.23 MB) , paper_174.pdf (570.19 KB)
Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels in High-pressure Alkaline Electrolysers 2005 Conference Paper K. Haraldsen; H. Leth-Olsen 210029.pdf (3.25 MB) , HySafe presentasjon KH.ppt (10.87 MB)
Steam Condensation Effecting Hydrogen Venting From a BWR Reactor Building 2015 Conference Paper M. Kondo; N. Erkan; K. Okamoto paper_282.pdf (985.94 KB) , Presentation_ID158_20151020.pptx (1.36 MB)
Status, Gaps and Recommendations Regading Standardisation and the Use of Hydrogen in Sustainable Buildings 2013 Conference Paper G.P. Haugom; A.L. Otterdal; F. Hansen; S.Y. Rotty paper_189.pdf (189.38 KB)
Statistical Analysis of Electrostatic Spark Ignition of Lean H2-O2-Ar Mixtures 2009 Conference Paper S.P.M. Bane; J.E. Shepherd; E. Kwon; A.C. Day presentation_37.pdf (779.07 KB) , paper_38.pdf (559.65 KB)
State-of-the-Art and Research Priorities in Hydrogen Safety 2013 Conference Paper A. Kotchourko; D. Baraldi; P. Benard; T. Jordan; A. Kessler; J. LaChance; M. Steen; A. Tchouvelev; J. Wen presentation_81.pdf (1.41 MB) , paper_184.pdf (262.75 KB)
Spontaneous Ignition Processes Due to High-Pressure Hydrogen Release in Air 2011 Conference Paper J. Grune; M. Kuznetsov; A. Lelyakin; T. Jordan paper_117_0.pdf (940.43 KB) , presentation_47.ppt (24.29 MB)
Some issues concerning the CFD modelling of confined hydrogen releases 2017 Conference Paper Habib Kone, Audrey Duclos, Christophe Proust, 248.pdf (781.29 KB) , 2_ID248.pptx (1.38 MB)
Some Considerations on the Scaling of Experiments for Hydrogen Risk Assessment 2009 Conference Paper D. E.; M. Bucci; A. Monavon Some Considerations on the Scaling of Experiments for Hydrogen Risk Assessment.pdf (164.78 KB)
Socio-economic analysis and quantitative risk assessment methodology for safety design of onboard storage systems 2017 Conference Paper Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Sergii Kashkarov, Dimitry Makarov, 184.pdf (840.57 KB) , 3_ID184.pptx (3.91 MB)
Situated European expectations for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles: a five country study 2017 Presentation Paul Upham 3_ID245.pptx (1.07 MB)
Single Step Compact Steam Methane Reforming Process for Hydrogen-CNG (H-CNG) Production From Natural Gas 2011 Conference Paper R.M. Badhe; A. Sharma; K. Brijesh; S. Rajagopal; R.K. Malhotra paper_67_0.pdf (214.86 KB)
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