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X. Liu; Y. Chen

As the energy crisis and environment pollution growing severely, the hydrogen fuel motor vehicle has got more and more attention, many automobile companies and research institutions invest significant R&D resources to research and develop the hydrogen fuel vehicles. With the development of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fuel motor vehicles, the hydrogen had more to more extensive application. According to the categories of the hydrogen fuel vehicles, the characteristics of hydrogen fuel vehicle fire risk and accidents are analyzed in this paper. As for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the function of its key components such as the fuel cell, the high-pressure storage tank is presented firstly. Then, based on the low density, fast diffusion and flammable of hydrogen, the probable scenarios of accident such as fuel leak, jet flame are analyzed and the fire risk of the key components and the whole vehicle is evaluated. Finally, the development trend of the emergency warning system of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is analyzed and some recommendations are proposed referring to the detection, pre-warning and control technologies used in the industrial sites. Aiming at the hydrogen car structure characteristics and the fire accident modes and accidents evolution rules, the emergency disposal technology system for hydrogen fuel motor vehicles is put forward.

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