Center for Hydrogen Safety

The Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) is a global oriented non-profit dedicated to promoting hydrogen safety and best practices worldwide. The CHS identifies and addresses concerns regarding the safe use of hydrogen during the energy transition. 

Benefits of Membership


  • Access to the U.S. Hydrogen Safety Panel for reviews and support
  • Education (CEUs), training and outreach materials
  • Participation in setting the direction and  priorities for the CHS (Executive Board membership)
  • Conferences and networking opportunities


  • Messaging: Membership in CHS can demonstrate commitment to stakeholders and the public that safety is a priority for your organization (organization logos can be added to the CHS website and members can use the CHS member logo)
  • Participate in a global community addressing safety issues and barriers


Membership Levels

  • Government
  • National Laboratory
  • Large Industry
  • Startups
  • University
  • Executive


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