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J.C. Sanchez; F. Quero; E. Harnandez; A. Ortega; J. Latapia; J.A. Bea; J. Galindo; I. Azkarate

Damages due to mechanical impacts on the structural integrity of pressure vessels in composite material to store compressed hydrogen can lead to disastrous failures if they are not detected and fixed on time. A wide variety of damage modes in composites, such as delamination and fiber breakage introduced by impact, is difficult to be detected by conventional methods. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) provides a system with the ability to detect and interpret adverse changes in a structure like a pressure vessel. Different types of methods will be proposed for damage detection based on comparing signals to baseline recorded from the undamaged structure. Guided wave based diagnosis method is one of the most effective used techniques due to its sensitivity to small defects. The paper pretend to identify the more adequate inspection methods to classify by smart rules based in artificial intelligence, the effect of an impact on the structural integrity of the pressure vessel, thus improving the level of safety.