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The Fire Commissioner and members of the Boston Fire Department wish to acknowledge Professor Robert (Bob) Zalosh for his generous and unselfish work...


Welcome to the Hydrogen Tools Portal!  The Portal brings together and enhances the utility of a variety of tools and web-based content on the safety aspects of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.  It is intended to help inform those tasked with designing, approving, or using systems and facilities, as well as those responding to incidents.  We will be adding more resources and tools in the future and welcome your feedback on how to improve the site - please let us know if you have comments or a suggestion for additional content.


GM fuel-cell chief talks about military truck, Honda deal to build hydrogen powertrains
May 25 2017
Innovation has no secret for GM and after tapping into hybrid and electric engine technologies, fuel-cell is its next target.
UPS Launching World’s First Fuel-Cell Electric Class 6 Delivery Truck
May 2 2017
UPS, long a catalyst for the development of advanced-fuel commercial vehicles, took another step into the future Tuesday with the introduction of the world’s first...
Toyota unveils plans to build a fleet of heavy-duty, hydrogen-powered trucks
Apr 19 2017
Toyota unveiled its plan today to build a fleet of heavy-duty, zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell trucks. The move is further evidence that automakers are continuing to...
Watch The Army’s Stealthy New Hydrogen-Powered Chevy Colorado ZH2 In Action
Apr 11 2017
In January, the Army began officially testing the Chevy Colorado ZH2, the first ground-mobility combat vehicle that, if fielded, would be powered by a revolutionary new...
5 Common Fuel Cell Myths
Mar 13 2017
Fuel cell electric cars are some of the most advanced vehicles on the road today—and they're here in the United States. Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda all have models...


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