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The Structure and Flame Propagation Regimes in Turbulent Hydrogen Jets 2009 Conference Paper A. Veser; M. Kuznetsov; G. Fast; A. Freidrich; N. Kotchourko; G. Stern; M. Schwall; W. Breitung presentation_27.pdf (1.59 MB) , paper_29.pdf (951.73 KB)
The Spread of Fire From Adjoining Vehicles to a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle 2011 Conference Paper Y. Tamura; M. Takabayashi; M. Takeuchi; H. Mitsuishi paper_68.pdf (660.15 KB) , presentation_12.ppt (14.03 MB)
The Slow Burst Test as a Method for Probabilistic Quantification of Cylinder Degradation 2013 Conference Paper G.W. Mair; M. Hoffmann; T. Schonfelder presentation_112.pdf (2.98 MB) , paper_230.pdf (2.43 MB)
The Safe Use of the Existing Natural Gas System for Hydrogen (Overview of the Naturalhy-Project) 2005 Conference Paper O. Florisson; R.R. Huizing The Safe Use of the Existing Natural Gas System for Hydrogen (Overview of the Naturalhy-Project).pdf (487.25 KB) , Pres ICHSv2 new format.ppt (575 KB)
The Role of Trust and Familiarity in Risk Communication 2009 Conference Paper R. Zimmer; M. Zschiesche; N. Holzinger presentation_23.pdf (1.39 MB) , paper_25.pdf (86.66 KB)
The role of the flow field generated by venting process on the pressure time history of a vented deflagration 2017 Conference Paper Martino Schiavetti, Tommaso Pini, Marco Nicola Carcassi 4_ID108.pdf (2.82 MB) , 108.pdf (983.3 KB)
The residual strength of automotive hydrogen cylinders after exposure to flames 2017 Conference Paper Yohsuke Tamura, Koji Yamazaki, Kiyotaka Maeda 104.pdf (1.24 MB) , 4_ID104.ppt (8.31 MB)
The Pressure Peaking Phenomenon - Validation for Unignited Releases in Laboratory-Scale Enclosure 2015 Conference Paper V. Shentsov; M. Kuznetsov; V. Molkov paper_340.pdf (999.54 KB) , Presentation_ID148_151013_PPP_Validation_ICHS2015_FINAL.pptx (3.72 MB)
The Possibility of an Accidental Scenario for Marine Transportation of Fuel Cell Vehicle - Hydrogen Releases From TPRD by Radiant Heat From Lower Deck 2015 Conference Paper Y. Tamura; K. Sato paper_323.pdf (414.94 KB) , Presentation_ID146_Yohsuke_T.ppt (2.02 MB)
The Mitigation of Hydrogen Explosions Using Water Fog, Nitrogen Dilution and Chemical Additives 2013 Conference Paper P. Battersby; P.G. Holborn; J.M. Ingram; A.F. Averill; P.F. Nolan presentation_55_0.pdf (3.56 MB) , paper_154.pdf (1.76 MB)
The International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement Task on Hydrogen Safety 2009 Presentation B. Hoagland presentation_35.pdf (737.26 KB)
The Interaction of Hydrogen Jet Releases with Walls and Barriers 2009 Conference Paper D.B. Willoughby; M. Royle presentation_21.pdf (7.33 MB) , paper_23.pdf (1.19 MB)
The Hydrogen Safety Program of the U.s. Department of Energy 2005 Conference Paper B.R. Kinzey; A. Ruiz; P.B. Davis 400067.pdf (151.51 KB) , DavisPisa.ppt (1.73 MB)
The EOS Project: A SOFC Pilot Plant in Italy, Safety Aspects 2005 Conference Paper M. Cali; E. Fontana; V. Giaretto; G. Orsello; M. Santarelli 330110.pdf (539.39 KB) , ICHS- EOS project.ppt (421 bytes)
The effect of vacancy concentration on hydrogen diffusion in alpha-Fe by molecular dynamics 2017 Conference Paper Xiongying Li, Yongzhi Zhao, Jinyang Zheng, 252.pdf (1.09 MB)
The Effect of Tube Internal Geometry on the Propensity to Spontaneous Ignition in Pressurized Hydrogen Release 2013 Conference Paper B.P. Xu; J.X. Wen paper_182.pdf (502.43 KB)
The Effect of Polyurethane Sponge Blockage Ratio on Premixed Hydrogen-Air Flame Propagation in a Horizontal Tube 2015 Conference Paper Q. Li; C. Wang; C. Guo; Q. Shao; S. Lu paper_276.pdf (817.88 KB)
The Effect of Iron on the Solubility Behavior of Hydrogen in Tantalum 2013 Conference Paper M. Taxak; S. Kumar; B.B. Kalekar; S. Sheelvantra; N. Krishnamurthy presentation_119.pdf (1.22 MB) , paper_243.pdf (487.44 KB)
The Crucial Role of the Lewis Number in Jet Ignition 2011 Conference Paper N. Rezaetan; L. Bauwens; M. Radulescu; F.F. Fachini paper_121.pdf (205.49 KB) , presentation_50.ppt (1.28 MB)
The Correlation Method to Analyze the Gas Mixing Process on the Basis of BOS Method 2011 Conference Paper N. Kotchourko; M. Kuznetsov; A. Kotchourko; T. Jordan paper_91.pdf (1.11 MB) , presentation_26.ppt (5.36 MB)
The Analysis of Fire Test for the High Pressure Composite Cylinder 2011 Conference Paper C.J. Kim; S.H. Lee; Y.G. Kim paper_151.pdf (1.21 MB) , presentation_30.pptx (5.75 MB)
Testing Safety of Hydrogen Components-Paper 2007 Conference Paper S. Wastiaux; F. Willot; E. Coffre; J.P. Schaaff Testing Safety of Hydrogen Components.pdf (489.08 KB)
Testing of Hydrogen Safety Sensors in Service Simulated Conditions 2005 Conference Paper P. Castello; O. Salyk 130002.pdf (538.14 KB) , 130002_Castello_Salyk_H2Sensor testing in SS cond.ppt (21.64 MB)
Test methodologies for hydrogen sensor performance assessment: chamber vs. flow-through test apparatus 2017 Conference Paper Rafael Ortiz Cebolla, Eveline Weidner, Christian Bonato, 203.pdf (649.86 KB)
Temperature Change of a Type IV Cylinder During Hydrogen Fueling Process 2009 Conference Paper S.H. Lee; Y.G. Kim; S.C. Kim; K.B. Yoon Temperature Change of a Type IV Cylinder During Hydrogen Fueling Process.pdf (1.28 MB)
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