Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell Demo
Two fellows from the Fuel Cell Technologies Office show off an electrolyzer and fuel cell demonstration to show how hydrogen and fuel cell technologies work.
Air Liquide Hydrogen Station Introduction Video
This is a hydrogen station introduction video developed in Oct 2016 in response to a request from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). This video supports the permitting of hydrogen stations.
H2 Infomercial
H2Tools is a portal of resources for the advancement of hydrogen safety.
Maritime Fuel Cell Project and Hydrogen Safety Training
Operational Overview and Hydrogen Safety Training when dealing with a containerized fuel cell generator, used to power shipping containers for climate control during their voyage across the ocean en route to their destination.
Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations Part One
Part One of the Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations video provides an introduction to hydrogen fuel and hydrogen station technologies.
Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations Part Two: Planning and Building Considerations
Part Two of the Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations video provides an overview of planning and building considerations from building and planning officials who have been through the process and have an operating station in their jurisdiction.
Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations Part Three: Fire Department Regulations
Part Three of the Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations video provides an overview of how a hydrogen station works and describes the regulations, codes, and standards related to the design, installation, and operation of hydrogen fueling stations.
Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations Part Four: Annual Inspections
Part Four of the Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations video covers requirements for the fire department's annual permitting of hydrogen stations.
Hydrogen Propane Flame Comparison
Hydrogen verses propane flame comparison, and differences in precautions that should be taken in each case, of a propane verses a hydrogen flame environment.
Fueled by Oil Creek
Hydrogen is all around us. Even in the birthplace of America’s oil industry. The Toyota Mirai is powered by hydrogen, which can be sourced from nearly anywhere.
Energy Secretary Moniz drives the Toyota Mirai
Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz takes a spin in the Toyota Mirai, the first fuel cell electric vehicle available for sale. In Japanese its name means "future," and Toyota says the 2016 Mirai is a symbolic first step toward a "Hydrogen Society for the next 1
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell First Responder Training Resources Webinar
The Energy Department's Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) announced the launch of a new, free, online national hydrogen safety training resource for emergency responders. Developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the California Fuel...
Characteristics of Hydrogen
This video explains some of hydrogen's unique properties and compares hydrogen and propane flames.
Hydrogen Vehicle Firefighter Safety Training
Training to safely recognize and identify the location of flames resulting from a hydrogen-fueled vehicle fire, and the various locations to check when approaching a hydrogen fueled vehicle that may be on fire.