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Title Year Type Author(s)
Testing Safety of Hydrogen Components-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings S. Wastiaux, F. Willot, E. Coffre, J.P. Schaaff
Numerical Investigation on the Self-Ignition Behavior of High Pressure Hydrogen Released from the Tube 2017 Conference Proceedings H. Watanabe, A. Matsuo
The new facility for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle safety evaluation 2007 Journal Article S. Watanabe, Y. Tamura, J. Suzuki
Performance Testing of Compressed Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel Cylinders 1999 Journal Article C. Webster
Development of Safety Standards for Compressed Gas Vehicle Fuel Systems 2003 Journal Article C. Webster
Safety of High Pressure Storage Systems for Vehicles 2004 Journal Article C. Webster
Model-Based Determination of Hydrogen System Emissions of Motor Vehicles Using Climate-Chamber Test Facilities-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings M. Weilenmann, C. Bach, P. Novak, A. Fischer, M. Hill
Simulation Analysis on the Risk of Hydrogen Releases and Combustion in Subsea Tunnels 2015 Conference Proceedings H.Y. Bie, Z.R. Hao
Hydrogen Safety - From Policies to Plans to Practices-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings S.C. Weiner, R.A. Kallman, A. Ruiz, J.M. Schneider
Incident Reporting - Learning From Experience-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings S.C. Weiner, B.R. Kinzey, J. Dean, P.B. Davis, A. Ruiz
Liquid hydrogen target experience at SLAC 2006 Journal Article J.G. Weisend, R. Arnold, P. Bosted, R. Boyce, A. Candia, R. Carr, J. Gao, C.E. Jones, W. Kaminskas, J. Mark, R. McKeown, M. Racine, S. St Lorant, T. Weber
The cryogenic system for the SLAC E158 experiment 2002 Journal Article J.G. Weisend, R. Boyce, W. Burgess, A. Candia, R. Carr, J. Gao, K. Gustafsson, C. Jones, W. Kaminskas, G. Oxoby, R. McKeown, H. Quack, A. Scott, T. Weber
Heat Radiation of Burning Hydrogen-Air Mixtures Impurified by Organic Vapour and Particles-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings V. Weiser, E. Roth, W. Eckl, A. Kessler, G. Langer
Battery Safety and Industry Developments 2013 Audiovisual A. Westgeest
Ignition of Underbody and Engine Compartment Hydrogen Releases 2006 Journal Article N. Weyandt
Intentional Failure of a 5000 Psig Hydrogen Cylinder Installed in an Suv Without Standard Required Safety Devices 2007 Journal Article N. Weyandt
Evaluation of Vehicle Fuel Safety Regulations and Test Methods for New Fuels and Technologies 2002 Journal Article N. White, C. Webster
Combustion of stratified hydrogen-air mixtures in the 10.7 m3 combustion test facility cylinder 1996 Journal Article D. Whitehouse, D. Greig, G. Koroll
A Hydrogen Explosion in a Process Plant - A Case History-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings D. Bjerketvedt, A. Mjaavatten
The Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility Test Method of a Road Vehicle Considering the Field Uniformity 2010 Journal Article H.Gu Woo
Predictions of the consequences of natural gas-hydrogen explosions using a novel CFD approach 2008 Journal Article R.M. Woolley, M. Fairweather, S.A.E.G. Falle, J.R. Giddings
Effect of Carbon Dioxide, Argon and Hydrocarbon Fuels on the Stability of Hydrogen Jet Flames-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings Y. Wu, I.S. Al-Rahbi, Y. Lu, G.T. Kalghatgi
Prediction of the Liftoff, Blowout and Blowoff Stability Limits of Pure Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Hydrocarbon Mixture Jet Flames-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings Y. Wu, I.S. Al-Rahbi, Y. Lu, G.T. Kalghatgi
Early stage safety analyses for hydrogen process systems 1996 Journal Article G. Wursig, U. Petersen
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