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Title Year Type Author(s)
Numerical Simulation of the Laminar Hydrogen Flame in the Presence of a Quenching Mesh 2009 Conference Proceedings S. Kudriakov, E. Studer, C. Bin
Natural and Forced Ventilation Study in an Enclosure Hosting a Fuel Cell 2009 Conference Proceedings G.M. Cerchiara, N. Mattei, M. Schiavetti, M.N. Carcassi
Discrete Event Simulation in Support to Hydrogen Supply Reliability 2009 Conference Proceedings L. Kozine, F. Markert, A. Alapetite
Safe Processing Route for the Synthesis of Mg Based Metallic Hydrides 2009 Conference Proceedings I. Agote, M.A. Lagos, I. Azkarate
Experimental Study of Hydrogen Releases Combustion 2009 Conference Proceedings A.O. Aleksandrov, V.I. Alekseev, E.V. Chernenko, A.A. Efimenko, A.I. Gavrikov, A.S. Mayorov, I.D. Matsukov, N.G. Schepetov, S.M. Velmakin, N.P. Zaretskiy
Development of Uniform Harm Criteria for Use in Quantitative Risk Analysis of the Hydrogen Infrastructure 2009 Conference Proceedings J. LaChance, A. Tchouvelev, A. Engebo
Experimental Charaterization and Modeling of Helium Disperison in a one-fourth-Scale Two-Car Residential Garage 2009 Conference Proceedings W.M. Pitts, K. Prasad, J.C. Yang, M.G. Fernandez
International Standards for Fuel Cells 2001 Journal Article J.A. Bossert
Simulation of Small-Scale Releases From Liquid Hydrogen Storage Systems 2009 Conference Proceedings W.S. Winters, W.G. Houf
Ignitability Limits for Combustion of Unintended Hydrogen Releases - Experimental and Theoretical Results 2009 Conference Proceedings R.W. Schefer, G.H. Evans, J. Zhang, A.J. Ruggles, R. Greif
Safe Testing of Catalytic Devices in Hydrogen-Air Flow 2009 Conference Proceedings V. Shepelin, D. Koshmanov, N. Eflmova
For a Successful Arrival of the Hydrogen Economy Improve Now the Confidence Level of Risk Assessments! 2009 Conference Proceedings H.J. Pasman
Experiments on the Distribution of Concentration Due to Buoyant Gas Low Flow Rate Release in an Enclosure 2009 Conference Proceedings B. Cariteau, J. Brinster, I. Tkatschenko
Experimental Study of Explosion Wave Propagation in Hydrogen-Air Mixtures of Variable Compositions 2009 Conference Proceedings V.A. Petukhov, I.M. Naboko, N.P. Bublik, P.A. Gusev, S. O.I.
Vented Explosion Overpressures From Combustion of Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Mixtures 2009 Conference Proceedings C.R. Bauwens, J. Chaffee, S.B. Dorofeev
Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Jet Fire Mitigation by Barrier Walls 2009 Conference Proceedings R.W. Schefer, E.G. Merilo, M.A. Groethe, W.G. Houf
Catalysts for Hydrogen Removal - Kinetic Paradox and Functioning at High Concentration of Hydrogen 2009 Conference Proceedings V. Shepelin, D. Koshmanov, E. Chepelin
Influence of Temperature on the Fatigue Strength of Compressed Hydrogen Tanks for Vehicles 2009 Conference Proceedings J. Tomioka, K. Kiguchi, Y. Tamura, H. Mitsuishi
Theoretical and numerical structure for unstable two-dimensional detonations 1992 Journal Article A. Bourlioux, A. Majda
Experimental Results on the Dispersion of Buoyant Gas in a Full Scale Garage From a Complex Source 2009 Conference Proceedings B. Cariteau, J. Brinster, E. Studer, I. Tkatschenko, G. Joncquet
Numerical Modeling of Hydrogen Deflagration Dynamics in Enclosed Space 2009 Conference Proceedings Y.A. Skob, M.L. Ugryumov, K.P. Korobchynskiy, V.V. Shentsov, E.A. Granovskiy, V.A. Lyfar
High Pressure PEM Water Electrolysis and Corresponding Saftey Issues 2009 Conference Proceedings V.N. Fateev, S.A. Grigoriev, P. Millet, S.V. Korobtsev, V.I. Porembskiy, F. Aupretre
Risk Modelling of a Hydrogen Refuelling Station Using a Bayesian Network 2009 Conference Proceedings G.P. Haugom, F. Hansen, E. Haland
A Barrier Analysis of a Generic Hydrogen Refuelling Station 2009 Conference Proceedings F. Markert, A. Engebo, S. Nilsen
Wide Area and Distributed Hydrogen Sensors 2009 Conference Proceedings R. Zalosh, N. Barilo
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