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Title Year Type Author(s)
Bavarian Liquid Hydrogen Bus Demonstration Project: Safety, Licensing and Acceptability Aspects 1999 Journal Article R. Wurster
Bavarian Liquid Hydrogen Bus Demonstration Project - Safety, Licensing and Acceptability Aspects 1999 Journal Article R. Wurster, H. Knorr, W. Pruemm
How critical is turbulence modeling in gas distribution simulations of large-scale complex nuclear reactor containment? 2013 Journal Article Jianjun Xiao, John Travis
Residual performance of composite pressure vessels submitted to mechanical impacts 2017 Conference Proceedings Pierre Blanc-Vannet, Olivier Bardoux, Noémie Alexandre
A dual zone thermodynamic model for refueling hydrogen vehicles 2017 Conference Proceedings Jinsheng Xiao, Xu Wang, Pierre Bénard
Estimation of Final Hydrogen Temperature From Refueling Parameters 2015 Conference Proceedings J.S. Xiao, P. Benard, R. Chahine
Numerical Study of Spontaneous Ignition of Pressurized Hydrogen Release Into Air-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings B.P. Xu, E.L. Hima, J.X. Wen, S. Dembele, V.H.Y. Tam
The Effect of Tube Internal Geometry on the Propensity to Spontaneous Ignition in Pressurized Hydrogen Release 2013 Conference Proceedings B.P. Xu, J.X. Wen
Numerical Study of a Highly Under-expanded Hydrogen Jet-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings B.P. Xu, J.P. Zhang, J.X. Wen, S. Dembele, J. Karwatzki
Hydrogen Risk Analysis for a Generic Nuclear Containment Ventilation System 2015 Conference Proceedings Z. Xu, T. Jordan
Analysis on explosion accident of the 300m(3) flammahle and explosive wet-gas hydrogen holder 2002 Book Z.S. Xu, F.Y. Wang
Hydrogen Fast Filling to a Type IV Tank Developed for Motorcycles 2015 Conference Proceedings E. Yamada, W. Hiraki, H. Muramatsu
Visualization of Auto-Ignition Phenomenon Under the Controlled Burst Pressure 2015 Conference Proceedings K. Yamashita, T. Saburi, Y. Wada, M. Asahara, T. Mogi, A.K. Hayashi
Response to “Commentary by Dr. Henryk Drulis” 2009 Journal Article J. Yang
Fire tests carried out in FCH JU FIRECOMP project, recommendations and application to safety of gas storage systems 2017 Conference Proceedings Pierre Blanc-Vannet, Simon Jallais, Béatrice Fuster
Theoretical Study on the Behavior of Momentum-controlled Buoyant Jet and Flame of Hydrogen 2005 Journal Article W. Yang, S.Hee Won, S.Ho Chung
Towards a Set of Design Recommendations for Pressure Relief Devices On-Board Hydrogen Vehicles 2015 Conference Proceedings D. Yates, D. Makarov, V. Molkov
The mechanism of hydrogen embrittlement: the stress interaction between a crack, a hydrogen cluster, and moving dislocations 2004 Journal Article A. Yokobori
Auto-Ignition Mechanism Near the Boundary Layer for High-Pressure Hydrogen Release Into Circular and Rectangular Tubes 2015 Conference Proceedings A. Yokoyama, M. Asahara, D. Muto, N. Tsuboi
Development of Web 3D-based Virtual Reality System for Hydrogen Station 2009 Journal Article J.C. Yoon, J. Kwon, I.K. Lee
Update on Regulation Review for HRS Construction and Operations in Japan 2015 Conference Proceedings T. Yoshida
Hydrogen Safety in Japan 2015 Audiovisual K. Yoshizumi
A Study on the Dispersion of Hydrogen Gas in Atmosphere 2005 Journal Article J. Young-Do
Hazard Distance from Hydrogen Accidents 2012 Journal Article J. Young-Do
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