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Title Year Type Author(s)
Temperature Change of a Type IV Cylinder During Hydrogen Fueling Process 2009 Conference Proceedings S.H. Lee, Y.G. Kim, S.C. Kim, K.B. Yoon
Review of Methods for Estimating the Overpressure and Impulse Resulting From a Hydrogen Explosion in a Confined-Obstructed Volume 2009 Conference Proceedings L. Melani, I. Sochet, X. Rocourt, S. Jallais
Mechanism of High Pressure Hydrogen Auto-Ignition When Spouting Into Air 2009 Conference Proceedings E. Yamada, N. Kitabayashi, A.K. Hayashi, N. Tsuboi
Hydrogen Effect on Fatigue and Fracture of Pipe Steels 2009 Conference Proceedings J. Capelle, J. Gilgert, G. Pluvinage
Defect Assessment on Pipe Used for Transport of Mixture of Hydrogen and Natural Gas 2009 Conference Proceedings J. Capelle, J. Gilgert, G. Pluvinage
Statistical Analysis of Electrostatic Spark Ignition of Lean H2-O2-Ar Mixtures 2009 Conference Proceedings S.P.M. Bane, J.E. Shepherd, E. Kwon, A.C. Day
Experimental Results and Comparison with Simulated Data of a Low Pressure Hydrogen Jet 2009 Conference Proceedings S. Desilets, S. Cote, G. Nadeau, P. Benard, A. Tchouvelev
Ignition Experiments of Hydrogen Mixtures by Different Methods and Description of the DRDC Test Facilities 2009 Conference Proceedings S. Desilets, S. Cote, G. Nadeau, A. Tchouvelev
Physics of Spontaneous Ignition of High Pressure Hydrogen Release and Transition to Jet Fire 2009 Conference Proceedings M.V. Bragin, V.V. Molkov
Quantitative Risk Analysis of Gaseous Hydrogen Storage Unit-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings A.E.P. Brown, E.N. Nunes, C.M. Teruya, L.H. Anacleto, J.C. Fedrigo, M.R.O. Artoni
The International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement Task on Hydrogen Safety 2009 Audiovisual B. Hoagland
Synthesis of the Conference 2009 Audiovisual J. Ohi, T. Jordan, S. Dorofeev
Hydrogen Jet Ignition Experiments and Modeling 2009 Audiovisual R. Schefer, G. Evans, Y. Zhang, A. Ruggles, R. Greif
Latest Advances in Hydrogen Safety R&D 2009 Audiovisual T. Jordan
ICHS 2009 Audiovisual G. Vercauteren
Residential Fuel Cell Certification and Insurance in Japan 2009 Audiovisual S. Miyashita
Risk Management and Insurance - Breaking Barriers, Paving Pathways 2009 Audiovisual A. Tchouvelev, A.M. Hansen, S. Miyashita, G. Vercauteren, B. Golden
Advances in Modeling for Safety Applications 2009 Audiovisual A. Kotchourko
Visualisation of Jet Fires From Hydrogen Release 2009 Conference Proceedings L. Deimling, V. Weiser, A. Blanc, E. N., G. Billeb, A. Kessler
Hydrogen Emergency Response Training For First Responders 2011 Conference Proceedings M.R. Elmore, L.L. Fassbender, J.J. Hamilton, S.C. Weiner
Inactivation of BVDV (experimental model for hepatitis C) using low pH and heat treatment in intravenous human immunoglobulins 1999 Journal Article I.J.Ruibal Brunet, N. Romero, A.T.Rivero Mas, R.Z.Martin Garcia
Risk Reduction Potential of Accidnet Prevention and Mitigation Features 2011 Conference Proceedings J.L. LaChance
Hydrogen Venting Under Variable Flow Conditions 2011 Conference Proceedings D.B. Willoughby, M. Royle, S. Nilsen, T. Gautier
Simulation of the Efficiency of Hydrogen Recombiners as Safety Devices 2011 Conference Proceedings E.A. Reinecke, S. Kelm, W. Jahn, C. Jakel, H.J. Allelein
Use of Hydrogen Safety Sensors Under Anaerobic Conditions - Impact of Oxygen Content on Sensor Performance 2011 Conference Proceedings W.J. Buttner, R. Burgess, C. Rivkin, M.B. Post, L. Boon-Brett, G. Black, F. Harskamp, P. Moretto
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