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Title Year Type Author(s)
Industrial Prospective for Hydrogen Utilization - Safety Aspect (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) 2005 Conference Proceedings K. Takeno
Polymer Composites For Tribological Applications In Hydrogen Environment 2007 Conference Proceedings G. Theiler, T. Gradt
Some Considerations on the Scaling of Experiments for Hydrogen Risk Assessment 2009 Conference Proceedings D. E., M. Bucci, A. Monavon
Safety Considerations and Approval Procedures for the Intergration of Fuel Cells on Board of Ships 2009 Conference Proceedings F. Vogler, G. Wursig
Benchmark Exercises Related to the Safety Analysis of Hydrogen-Natural Gas Mixtures Transmission in Pipelines 2009 Conference Proceedings S. E., S. Kudriakov, S. Jallais, V. Blanchetiere, J. Hebrard, G. Leroy
A Comparison Exercise on the CFD Detonation Simulation in Large Scale Confined Volumes 2009 Conference Proceedings Y. Escanciano, A. Kotchourko, A. Lelyakin, A. Gavrikov, A. Efimenko, M. Zbikowski, D. Makarov, V. Molkov
Can the Addition of Hydrogen to Natural Gas Reduce the Explosion Risk 2009 Conference Proceedings P. Middha, D. Engel, O.R. Hansen
Validation of CFD Modelling of LH2 Spread and Evaporation Against Large-Scale Spill Experiments 2009 Conference Proceedings P. Middha, M. Ichard, B.J. Arntzen
Hyper Experiments on Catastophic Hydrogen Releases Inside a Fuel Cell Enclosure 2009 Conference Proceedings A. Friedrich, N. Kotchourko, G. Stern, A. Veser
Standards for Hydrogen Energy Systems 2000 Journal Article T.K. Bose, S. Gingras
Effects of Surface on the Flammable Extent of Hydrogen Jets 2009 Conference Proceedings P. Benard, A. Hourri, B. Angers, A. Tchouvelev, V. Agranat
Using Hydrogen Safety Best Practices and Learning From Safety Events 2009 Conference Proceedings S.C. Weiner, L.L. Fassbender, K.A. Quick
Predictions of Solid-State Hydrogen Storage System Contamination Processes 2009 Conference Proceedings D.E. Dedrick, M.P. Kanouff, R.S. Larson, R.W. Bradshaw, J. Graetz, S. Hwang
Ignition Energy and Ignition Probability of Methane-Hydrogen-Air Mixtures 2009 Conference Proceedings G. Hankinson, H. Mathurkar, B.J. Lowesmith
A Study of Barrier Walls for Mitigation of Unintended Releases of Hydrogen 2009 Conference Proceedings W.G. Houf, G.H. Evans, R.W. Schefer, E. Merilo, M. Groethe
Unsteady Lumped-Parameter Modeling of Hydrogen Combustion in the Presence of a Water Spray 2009 Conference Proceedings C. Joseph-Auguste, A. Beccatini, S. Kudriakov
Effects of Purity and Pressure on the Hydrogen Embrittlement of Steels and Other Metallic Materials 2009 Conference Proceedings H. Barthelemy
Risk Quantification of Hydride Based Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications 2009 Conference Proceedings Y.F. Khalil, D.A. Mosher
Modeling of 2LiBH4+MgH2 Hydrogen Storage System Accident Scenarios Using Empirical and Theoretical Thermodynamics 2009 Conference Proceedings C W.James, D. Tamburello, K. Brinkman, J.R. Gray, B. Hardy, D.L. Anton
Environmental Reactivity of Solid State Hydride Materials 2009 Conference Proceedings J.R. Gray, D.L. Anton
Importance of International Standards on Hydrogen Technologies 2001 Journal Article T.K. Bose, S. Gingras, S. Gingras
Certification Testing and Demonstration of Insulated Pressure Vessels for Vehicular Hydrogen and Natural Gas Storage 2002 Journal Article S.M. Aceves, J. Martinez-Frias, F. Espinosa-Loza, R. Schaffer, W. Clapper
Safety Considerations for Hydrogen Test Cells 2009 Conference Proceedings T. Wallner, R. Scarcelli, H.R.A. Lohse-Busch, B.M. Wozny, S.A. Miers
Experimental Studies on Wind Influence on Hydrogen Release From Low Pressure Pipelines 2009 Conference Proceedings N. Mattei, M. Schiavetti, M.N. Carcassi
Prediction of Third Party Damage Failure Frequency for Pipelines Transporting Mixtures of Natural Gas and Hydrogen 2009 Conference Proceedings L. Zhang, R.A. Adey
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