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Title Year Type Author(s)
Detonability of Binary H2 CH4-Air Mixtures 2009 Conference Proceedings O. Bozier, R. Sorin, F. Virot, R. Zitoun, D. Desbordes
Assessment of the Effects of Inert Gas and Hydrocarbon Fuel Dilution on Hydrogen Flames 2009 Conference Proceedings Y. Wu, M.D. Hamid
Improvements in Two-Step Model of Hydrogen Detonative Combustion - Model Description and Sensitivity to its Parameters 2009 Conference Proceedings I.A. Zaev, I.A. Kirillov
An Overview of Hydrogen Safety Sensors and Requirements 2009 Conference Proceedings W.J. Buttner, M.B. Post, R. Burgess, C. Rivkin
Analysis Methodology for Hydrogen Behaviour in Accident Scenarios-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings W. Breitung
Numerical Investigation of Hydrogen Dispersion into Air 2009 Conference Proceedings R. Khaksarfard, M. Paraschivoiu
Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen Release From High-Pressure Storage Vessel 2009 Conference Proceedings J.Y. Zheng, H.Y. Bie, P. Xu, Y.Z. Zhao, Y.L. Liu
Hydrogen-Air Explosive Envelope Behavior in Confined Space at Different Leak Velocities 2009 Conference Proceedings V.P. Denisenko, I.A. Kirillov, S.V. Korobtsev, I.L. Nikolaev
A Lagrangian Reaction-Diffusion Model for Predicting the Ignitability of Pressurized Hydrogen Releases 2009 Conference Proceedings B.M. Maxwell, R. M.I.
Performance-Based Requirements for Hydrogen Detection Allocation and Actuation 2009 Conference Proceedings I.A. Kirillov, M.I. Strelkova, A.V. Panasenko, D. Roekaerts
Achievements of the EC Network of Excellence HySafe 2009 Conference Proceedings T. Jordan,
Hydrogen Release and Atmospheric Dispersion - Experimental Studies and Comparison with Parametric Simulations 2009 Conference Proceedings F. Ganci, A. Carpignano, N. Mattei, M.N. Carcassi
Risk Assessment of Hydrogen Explosion for Private Car with Hydrogen-Driven Engine 2009 Conference Proceedings A. Rodionov, H. Wilkening, P. Moretto
Consequences of Catastrophic Releases of Ignited and Unignited Hydrogen Jet Releases 2009 Conference Proceedings M. Royle, D.B. Willoughby
The Interaction of Hydrogen Jet Releases with Walls and Barriers 2009 Conference Proceedings D.B. Willoughby, M. Royle
Numerical simulation and safety evaluation of tunnel accidents with a hydrogen powered vehicle 2000 Book W. Breitung, U. Bielert, G. Necker, A. Veser, F.J. Wetzel, K. Pehr
A National Set of Hydrogen Codes and Standards for the US 2009 Conference Proceedings C. Rivkin, C. Blake, R. Burgess, W. Buttner, M. Post
The Role of Trust and Familiarity in Risk Communication 2009 Conference Proceedings R. Zimmer, M. Zschiesche, N. Holzinger
Numerical Simulations of a Large Hydrogen Release in a Process Plant 2009 Conference Proceedings O.K. Sommersel, D. Bjerketvedt
Numerical Simulation of Large Scale Hydrogen Detonation 2009 Conference Proceedings A. Heidari, S. Ferraris, J.X. Wen, V.H.Y. Tam
High Pressure Hydrogen Fires 2009 Conference Proceedings C. Proust, D. Jamois, E. Studer
Numerical Study of Hydrogen Explosions in a Vehicle Refill Environment 2009 Conference Proceedings V.C.Madhav Rao, J.X. Wen, T. V.H.Y.
Numerical Study on Spontaneous Ignition of Pressurized Hydrogen Release Through a Tube 2009 Conference Proceedings B.P. Xu, J.X. Wen, V.H.Y. Tam
On the Use of Hydrogen in Confined Spaces - Results From the Internal Project InsHyde 2009 Conference Proceedings A.G. Venetsanos, P. Adams, I. Azkarate, A. Bengaouer, L. Brett, M.N. Carcassi, A. Engebo, E. Gallego, A.I. Gavrikov, O.R. Hansen, S. Hawksworth, T. Jordan, A. Kessler, S. Kumar, V. Molkov, S. Nilsen, E. Reinecke, M. Stocklin, U. Schmidtchen, A. Teodorczyk, D. Tigreat, N.H.A. Versloot
CFD Simulations on Small Hydrogen Releases Inside a Ventilated Facility and Assessment of Ventilation Efficiency 2009 Conference Proceedings E.A. Papanikolaou, A.G. Venetsanos, G.M. Cerchiara, M. Carcassi, N. Markatos
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