So you want to know more about Hydrogen?

This page presents basic information about hydrogen under two subsections --- Hydrogen Basics and Hydrogen Hazards. Both pages also summarize applications of hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Basics pages highlight the properties and behavior of gaseous and liquid hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Hazards pages contain information about hydrogen leaks, flames, and explosions. This information is not intended to dissuade you from working with hydrogen, but to make you aware that constant care is necessary when working with or around hydrogen. Any fuel which contains energy has potential hazards and must be handled according to its specific properties. Working safely with hydrogen requires an understanding of its specific properties and hazards just as with any other fuel.

Each page presents a brief overview of the subject matter as a series of simple bullets enhanced with photos and graphics. Links are provided to more detailed information in other sections of the website. Relevant references (either actual PDF files or links to materials on the Internet) are provided.

Hydrogen Basics

Hydrogen Hazards