Maintenance and Inspection

As used in this section, equipment is an all-inclusive term that includes piping, instruments, and controls as well as those hydrogen system components commonly known as equipment. Equipment inspection and maintenance can be thought of as either repairing existing equipment or replacing it in kind. Any changes made to the original installation during maintenance activities should be handled using a formal Management of Change (MOC) process. See Management of Change.

Proper and timely inspection and maintenance is key to ensuring safe system operation. Reactive maintenance is generally unwise for equipment in hydrogen service. A systematic method should be used to evaluate a facility's equipment to develop a cost-effective approach to maintain safe, reliable operation. A maintenance plan should be documented and stewarded. A well-planned maintenance schedule (referred to as “preventative”, “routine”, or “scheduled” maintenance) should be implemented to prevent dangerous conditions before they occur. It may be acceptable to run non-critical equipment until it fails if there is redundancy in the facility and if the component failure does not pose a safety issue.

Safe maintenance involves