Safety Culture

An organization's safety culture can be observed in the beliefs and behaviors of its staff members regarding the importance of eliminating or minimizing workplace hazards. Safety culture encompasses the following elements:

  • Conducting work safely and responsibly to protect 1) the health, safety, and welfare of the organization's staff and 2) its equipment and property
  • Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the general public
  • Protecting the environment

An organization's safety goals should be clearly communicated and understood by all staff. Everyone should be focused on doing their jobs safely and avoiding accidents and injuries. If a safety issue is raised by a staff member, it should be addressed in a timely manner. Safety improvements should be implemented as needed and communicated to the entire organization. All safety related information should be maintained and should be made available to employees. Additionally, a mechanism should be in place for ownership and responsibility of safety related reports that are generated (for example, a document custodian).