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2009 Conference Paper S.P.M. Bane; J.E. Shepherd; E. Kwon; A.C. Day presentation_37.pdf , paper_38.pdf
2013 Conference Paper A. Kotchourko; D. Baraldi; P. Benard; T. Jordan; A. Kessler; J. LaChance; M. Steen; A. Tchouvelev; J. Wen presentation_81.pdf , paper_184.pdf
2011 Conference Paper J. Grune; M. Kuznetsov; A. Lelyakin; T. Jordan paper_117_0.pdf , presentation_47.ppt
2005 Conference Paper G.R. Astbury; S.J. Hawksworth 100098.pdf , ICHS - 100098.ppt , Spontaneous Ignition of Hydrogen Leaks - a Review of Postulated Mechanisms.pdf
2007 Journal Article G.R. Astbury; S.J. Hawksworth
2009 Conference Paper D. E.; M. Bucci; A. Monavon Some Considerations on the Scaling of Experiments for Hydrogen Risk Assessment.pdf
2015 Conference Paper D. Matsumura; M. Tanigushi; H. Tanaka; Y. Nishihata Presentation_ID222_ICHS2015_0.pdf , paper_253.pdf
2011 Conference Paper R.M. Badhe; A. Sharma; K. Brijesh; S. Rajagopal; R.K. Malhotra paper_67_0.pdf
2017 Conference Paper D. Cirrone; D. Makarov; V. Molkov Paper-143_0.pdf , Presentation-ID143.pptx
2013 Conference Paper S.G. Giannissi; A.G. Venetsanos; N. Markatos; D.B. Willoughby; M. Royle paper_161_0.pdf , presentation_62_0_0.pdf
2015 Conference Paper H.Y. Bie; Z.R. Hao paper_327.pdf , Presentation_ID261_Haiyan-Bie.ppt
2011 Conference Paper E.A. Reinecke; S. Kelm; W. Jahn; C. Jakel; H.J. Allelein paper_109.pdf , presentation_40.ppt
2011 Conference Paper W.G. Houf; W.S. Winters paper_41.pdf , presentation-00.pptx
2011 Conference Paper A.V. Gaathaug; K. Vaagsaether; D. Bjerketvedt paper_130.pdf , presentation_54.ppt
2009 Conference Paper J. Melguizo-Gavilanes; N. Rezaeyan; L. Bauwens Simulation of Shock-Initiated Ignition.pdf
2009 Conference Paper M. Heitsch; D. Baraldi; P. Moretto Simulation of the Fast Filling of Hydrogen Tanks.pdf
2009 Conference Paper W.S. Winters; W.G. Houf Simulation of Small-Scale Releases From Liquid Hydrogen Storage Systems.pdf
2007 Conference Paper L. Bedard-Tremblay; L. Fang; L. Bauwens; P.H.E. Finstad; Z. Cheng; A.V. Tchouvelev 1.3.95.pdf
2007 Conference Paper E.J. Kim; Y.G. Kim; I. Moon; J. Kim Simulator Development of Virtual Experience and Accident Scenarios of Hydrogen Stations for Safety.pdf
2005 Conference Paper K. Vaagsaether; V. Knudsen; D. Bjerketvedt 120038.pdf , 120038_Vaagsaether_Knut.ppt
2005 Conference Paper B. Angers; A. Hourri; P. Benard; P. Tessier; J. Perrin 110045.pdf , Angers Benard Hourri Air liquide Pisa.ppt
2005 Conference Paper B. Angers; A. Hourri; P. Benard; P. Tessier; J. Perrin Simulations of Hydrogen Releases From a Storage Tanks - Dispersion and Consequences of Ignition.pdf
2005 Conference Paper K. Vaagsaether; V. Knudson; D. Bjerketvedt Simulation of Flame Acceleration and DDT in H2-Air Mixture with a Flux Limiter Centred Method.pdf
2011 Conference Paper J. Melguizo-Gavilanes; L. Bauwens paper_115.pdf , presentation_21.pptx
2005 Conference Paper I.A. Kirillov; M.I. Strelkova; A.V. Panasenko; D. Roekaerts 140040.pdf