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Permitting and Community Engagement Resource

General Tips

Have a broad group of people involved from the start. Make sure the planning department, fire department, permitters, local or state hazardous response team, and community members are involved in the entire planning process.

Start with an informal meeting to address the following:

  • What are your experience levels with hydrogen technology?
  • What type of hydrogen technology are you planning to implement?
  • What goals or outcomes will be achieved by implementing hydrogen in this community?
  • How are responsibilities equally distributed amongst all involved?

Reach out to a community that has previously implemented hydrogen infrastructure and share knowledge.

Before starting to plan for any type of hydrogen technology, it is important to ensure everyone involved in the planning process is educated on the basics of hydrogen technology.


Best Practices

Develop a thorough understanding of hydrogen and hydrogen technologies.

Ensure educational materials are widely accessible via local webpages, workshops, community events, etc.


Essential Knowledge

What is hydrogen?

View this Hydrogen 101 Presentation for a quick overview of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies: 

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 101 (


What are the properties of hydrogen?

Learn about the properties and behavior of gaseous and liquid hydrogen: 

So You Want to Know More About Hydrogen | Hydrogen Tools (


What is hydrogen used for?

Hydrogen can be used in many different applications. Read more about H2@Scale here:

H2Scale | Department of Energy

Five Things You Might Not Know About H2@Scale | Department of Energy

Educational Outreach

Use this presentation (with speaker notes!) to teach community members about hydrogen: 

Increase Your H2IQ Training Resource | Department of Energy



Find answers to frequently asked questions: 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrogen and Fuel Cells | Department of Energy


Additional Resources

Welcome to the Hydrogen Analysis Resource Center | Hydrogen Tools (

It is crucial that all stakeholders involved are educated on hydrogen safety to establish an effective safety culture. 


Best Practices

Require hydrogen safety training for fire departments and potentially adjacent towns’ fire departments, depending on the scale of the project.

Safety officials and planners should tour existing hydrogen facilities, if possible.


Essential Knowledge

General Hydrogen Safety Learning

Explore hydrogen safety videos and trainings at the Center for hydrogen Safety (CHS): 

Hydrogen Safety Education | AIChE


Hydrogen Safety Best Practices

Best Practices Overview | Hydrogen Tools


Hydrogen Hazards

Read about hydrogen leaks, flames, and explosions under the Hydrogen Hazards pages found here: So You Want to Know More About Hydrogen | Hydrogen Tools


General Guide for Safety Planning

Safety_Planning_for_H2_and_FC_Projects-Jan2020 | Hydrogen Tools 


Safety Credential

Acquire a Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential from the Center for Hydrogen Safety found here: Credential in Hydrogen Safety | AIChE


Additional Resources

Hydrogen Risk Assessment Models (HyRAM) | Hydrogen Tools 

Hydrogen Technologies Safety Guide | Hydrogen Tools 

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