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2005 Conference Paper V. Di Sarli; A. Di Benedetto 100032.pdf
2017 Conference Paper X. Liu; Y. Chen Paper-175.pdf
2017 Conference Paper M. Henriksen; J. Lundberg; A. V. Gaathaug Paper-144.pdf
2015 Conference Paper S. Unno; Y. Takaoka; S. Kamiya; S. Oyama; A. Kishimoto; Y. Miida; H. Suga paper_301.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Kiyotaka Maeda, Yohsuke Tamura 156.pdf
Study of Post-Fire Verification Method for the Activation Status of Hydrogen Cylinder Pressure Relief Devices
2015 Conference Paper Y. Koji; T. Yohsuke Presentation_ID168_2015.10.21.pdf , paper_325.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Mathias Henriksen, Joachim Lundberg, Andre. V. Gaathaug 144.pdf
2013 Conference Paper J.C. Sanchez; F. Quero; E. Harnandez; A. Ortega; J. Latapia; J.A. Bea; J. Galindo; I. Azkarate Structural Health Monitoring Techniques for Damages Detection in Hydrogen Pressure Vessels.pdf
2017 Conference Paper T. Skjold; H. Hisken; A. Hanssen Paper-224.pdf , Presentation-ID224.pptx
2017 Conference Paper Atanga, G., Lakshmipathy, S., Skjold, T., Hisken, H. and Hanssen, A.G. 224.pdf , 2_ID224.pptx
2013 Conference Paper M. Asahara; Y. Shirakawa; A.K. Hayashi; N. Tsuboi presentation_72.pdf , paper_174.pdf
2005 Conference Paper K. Haraldsen; H. Leth-Olsen Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels in High-Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers.pdf
2005 Conference Paper K. Haraldsen; H. Leth-Olsen 210029.pdf , HySafe presentasjon KH.ppt
2015 Conference Paper M. Kondo; N. Erkan; K. Okamoto paper_282.pdf , Presentation_ID158_20151020.pptx
2013 Conference Paper G.P. Haugom; A.L. Otterdal; F. Hansen; S.Y. Rotty paper_189.pdf
2009 Conference Paper S.P.M. Bane; J.E. Shepherd; E. Kwon; A.C. Day presentation_37.pdf , paper_38.pdf
2013 Conference Paper A. Kotchourko; D. Baraldi; P. Benard; T. Jordan; A. Kessler; J. LaChance; M. Steen; A. Tchouvelev; J. Wen presentation_81.pdf , paper_184.pdf
2011 Conference Paper J. Grune; M. Kuznetsov; A. Lelyakin; T. Jordan paper_117_0.pdf , presentation_47.ppt
2005 Conference Paper G.R. Astbury; S.J. Hawksworth 100098.pdf , ICHS - 100098.ppt , Spontaneous Ignition of Hydrogen Leaks - a Review of Postulated Mechanisms.pdf
2007 Journal Article G.R. Astbury; S.J. Hawksworth
2009 Conference Paper D. E.; M. Bucci; A. Monavon Some Considerations on the Scaling of Experiments for Hydrogen Risk Assessment.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Habib Kone, Audrey Duclos, Christophe Proust, et.al. 248.pdf , 2_ID248.pptx
2017 Conference Paper Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Sergii Kashkarov, Dimitry Makarov, et.al. 184.pdf , 3_ID184.pptx
2017 Presentation Paul Upham 3_ID245.pptx
2015 Conference Paper D. Matsumura; M. Tanigushi; H. Tanaka; Y. Nishihata Presentation_ID222_ICHS2015_0.pdf , paper_253.pdf