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  • Only authorized individuals should install or maintain hydrogen systems.
  • Access to the hydrogen dispenser should be limited to trained operators. Administrative controls are appropriate for many installations; others prefer key or code access restrictions. Training should include hydrogen properties (See So You Want to Know More About Hydrogen) and specific training on safe operation of the hydrogen refueling system.
  • Hydrogen properties training should also be provided for all employees who might be exposed to hydrogen, including those who may not be authorized to operate the fuel cell vehicles, but will work in the area where the vehicles are stored or operated.
  • Refresher training should be provided periodically to remind personnel about safe practices.
  • An MSDS for hydrogen should be made available to all employees.
  • Local first responders should be trained to respond to incidents involving hydrogen, including the use of gas detectors and thermal imaging cameras. (See Fire Protection and Suppression.)
  • Hydrogen-specific emergency response actions should be incorporated into the existing facility emergency response plan.
  • Fittings and equipment should be inspected regularly for leaks.
  • Maintenance on hydrogen systems should follow hazardous energy isolation practices (i.e., lock-out, tag-out). See Maintenance and Inspection  for more information.
  • Smoking or open flames should not be allowed in the refueling area.
  • The following checks should be made prior to commencing a filling operation:
    • A leak check of the entire dispenser
    • An instrument check
    • Another leak check after connection to an industrial truck


Note that a dispenser may incorporate automatic leak checks before and during fueling.


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