Facilitating H2 Laboratory Inspections Using a Safety Checklist

An effective laboratory safety culture will assess laboratory safety on a regular basis and when a significant change occurs, such as when a new test is being contemplated or there is a change in personnel. A best practice to facilitate these safety inspections is to use a laboratory safety inspection checklist customized for your hydrogen facility. Use the safety checklist as part of your safety planning, management of change (MOC), and hazards review. See also Simplified Safety Planning.

Customize your checklist to include PPE inspection appropriate for the H2 hazards present. Lab Safety Inspection ChecklistFor instance, the inspection can determine if posted emergency contact information and evacuation plans are up to date, if hydrogen and other gases are being stored and handled safely, and if safety systems are labeled and functional. Develop and update your specific laboratory safety inspection checklist in coordination with your organization’s safety personnel, principal investigators, and researchers. Keep these records for reference.

Download an example Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist provided by LMDesk LLC.