Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Ventilation Equipment

When installed or modified and at least annually thereafter, fume hoods, fume hood exhaust systems, and laboratory special exhaust systems should be inspected and tested as applicable, as follows:

  • Visual inspection of the physical condition of the hood interior, sash, and ductwork
  • Measuring device for hood airflow
  • Low-airflow and loss-of-airflow alarms at each hood
  • Face velocity
  • Verification of inward airflow over the entire hood face
  • Changes in laboratory conditions that might affect hood performance.

Deficiencies in hood performance should be corrected or one of the following should apply:

  • The activity within the hood should be restricted to the capability of the hood.
  • The hood should not be used.

Fume hood face velocity profile or hood exhaust air quantity should be checked after any adjustment to the ventilation system balance.