Chemical storage containers should be labeled (e.g., contents, weight, pressure, volume) and hazards identified (e.g., flammable, toxic, reactive).

Equipment and accessories (e.g., hoses, valves, fittings, sensors) should be labeled regarding their intended use and any limitations (e.g., Maximum Allowable Working Pressure). See Hydrogen Storage and Piping Systems section.

Shutdown procedures for equipment containing hazardous materials should be located at the equipment.

Materials not in use should be returned to their proper storage location.

Fume hoods should not be used for chemical storage.

Personnel should ensure that labels and MSDSs are read and understood prior to mixing, dispensing, or transferring chemicals.

  • Review MSDS before using an unfamiliar chemical, and familiarize yourself with the hazards, toxicity, exposure symptoms, detection/warning signs, and material and chemical incompatibilities.