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Labeling and Posting

Chemical substance labeling:

  • Containers must have labels that clearly identify their contents
  • Direct hazards such as toxicity and exposure symptoms should appear on the label
  • Containers should be labeled prior to mixing, dispensing, or transferring
  • Materials should be returned to designated storage locations when not in use
  • Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required for all chemicals stored or used in a lab and should be read and understood

Equipment should be labelled with sufficient information to enable laboratory personnel to find additional information from other sources.

  • Manufacturer’s instructions
  • Intended use and limitations
  • Shutdown procedures, especially for equipment containing hazardous material
  • Hazards and required maintenance and inspection

See Storage and Piping for more information.

The following information should be posted at the entrance to workspace where hydrogen is used or stored, in clear view of all who enter:

  • General workspace information:
    • Building name and room number
    • Name of the workspace
    • Activity conducted in the workspace
    • Name of principal contact(s) such as the principal investigator or supervisor along with information on how to contact them.
    • Identification of hazards
  • Emergency response and call information:
    • Emergency evacuation route
    • Map showing location of hydrogen storage as well as primary and secondary gas shutoffs


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