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As used here, construction includes fabrication, assembly, erection, examination and testing of the installation. To assure a system is safely constructed, it is critical that:

  • All equipment has been checked to assure it meets the requirements and is installed correctly, and appropriate documentation is provided
  • Quality Assurance (QA) procedures have been followed during fabrication and assembly of equipment
  • Materials of construction are correct (use of positive material identification is one way of accomplishing this)
    • Verification of metal alloys using x-rays fluorescence or spark emission spectrography is accurate, inexpensive, and fast
    • Consider following the guidance for positive material identification in API Recommended Practice 578


When working in areas where hydrogen or other flammable materials are present, a specific work plan should be developed to mitigate risk. See Working in areas with flammable materials.

To assure the system is constructed in accordance with the design, a construction completion inspection should be conducted. It includes verifying:

  • The system is properly integrated into the intended location
  • The system is constructed in accordance with the drawings and specifications
  • The safety systems and operational systems have been checked to ensure correct functioning
  • The system has been checked for mechanical integrity (piping and relief devices supported adequately, examination and leak testing completed)
  • The location has proper ventilation and ignition source control
  • A review to ensure that the hazard review recommendations have been implemented
  • Review and approval by the appropriate agencies and Authorities Having Jurisdiction


Prior to initial operation, the use of an Operational Readiness checklist is recommended. The checklist should include:

  • Emergency response, operating and maintenance documentation is completed
    • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is in place
    • Operating procedures are prepared
    • A maintenance plan is prepared
    • Needed spare parts are available
  • Training for emergency responders, operators, and maintenance personnel is completed
  • The system has been cleaned and air removed


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