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Temperature Change of a Type IV Cylinder During Hydrogen Fueling Process

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S.H. Lee; Y.G. Kim; S.C. Kim; K.B. Yoon

The temperature of the hydrogen cylinder needs to be carefully controlled during fueling process. The maximum temperature should be less than 85 according to the ISO draft code. If the fueling period is reduced, the maximum temperature should increase. In this study, temperature change of a Type IV cylinder was measured during the hydrogen fueling process up to 35 MPa. Fueling period was 3 to 5 minutes. Twelve thermocouples were installed to measure inside gas temperature and seven were attached on the outside of the cylinder. An infrared camera was also used for measuring temperature distribution of outside of cylinder. The maximum gas temperature was higher than 85? inside of the cylinder. Significant temperature difference between the upper and lower part of the vessel was observed. Temperature near the plug and the valve was quickly increased and maintained higher than that of the other region. Temperature increases for the partial refueling process were also discussed.

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