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2005 Conference Paper S. Furst; M. Dub; M. Gruber; W. Lechner; C. Muller 310002.pdf
2005 Conference Paper M. Komori; T. Yoshida; K. Onoue; S. Kikukawa; T. Mori; K. Takagi 400081.pdf , 2005_9_10_JPEC_rev6.ppt
2017 Conference Paper Toshimitsu Tanaka, Masahiro Inoue 297.pdf , 3_ID297.pptx
2015 Conference Paper K. Verfondern; X. Yan; T. Nishishara; H.J. Allelein Presentation_ID218_ICHS2015_0.pdf , paper_252.pdf
2015 Conference Paper J. Kudou; S. Ota; Y. Senga paper_260.pdf
2013 Conference Paper N.K. Zhevago; A.F. Chabak; E.I. Denisov; V.N. Fateev; V.I. Glebov; S.V. Korobtsev paper_233.pdf
2009 Conference Paper I. Agote; M.A. Lagos; I. Azkarate Safe Processing Route for the Synthesis of Mg Based Metallic Hydrides.pdf
2009 Conference Paper V. Shepelin; D. Koshmanov; N. Eflmova Safe Testing of Catalytic Devices in Hydrogen-Air Flow.pdf
2007 Conference Paper H. De Vries; O. Florisson; G.C. Tiekstra Safe Operation of Natural Gas Appliances Fueled with Hydrogen-Natural Gas Mixtures (Progress Obtained in the Natural Hy-Project).pdf
2015 Conference Paper S.J. Hawksworth; K. Moodie; J. Gummer; B. Ewan; H. Michels; P. Linstedt; P. Winstanley; A. Pekalski paper_245.pdf
2007 Conference Paper J.W. Sheffield; U.O. Koylu A Rural Hydrogen Transportation Test Bed.pdf
2007 Conference Paper J.W. Sheffield; U.O. Koylu 2.1.53.pdf
2013 Presentation A. Tchouvelev A. Tchouvelev.pdf
2013 Presentation P. Churchill P. Churchill.pdf
2013 Presentation T. Herbert T. Herbert.pdf
2011 Presentation A. Tchouvelev Round Table Discussion - International Collaboration on Hydrogen Safety.ppt
2005 Presentation H. Barthelemy Round Table AL and Hydrogen techn.ppt
2005 Conference Paper N. Chaumeix; S. Pichon; ; C.E. Paillard Role of Chemical Kinetics on the Detonation Properties of Hydrogen - Natural Gas - Air Mixtures.pdf
2005 Conference Paper N. Chaumeix; S. Pichon; F. Lafosse; N. Udari; C.E. Paillard 120002.pdf
2007 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance Risk-Informed Separation Distances for Hydrogen Refueling Stations.pdf
2007 Conference Paper J. LaChance; A. Tchouvelev; J. Ohi Risk-Informed Process and Tools for Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations.pdf
2007 Journal Article J.L. LaChance; A. Tchouvelev; J. Ohi
2007 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance; A. Tchouvelev; J. Ohi 4.1.110.pdf
2013 Conference Paper Z. Li; X. Pan; J. Ma Risk Analysis on Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Stations in the World Expo Shanghai.pdf
2011 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance paper_110.pdf , presentation_18.pptx