Hydrogen safety training must be provided to all employees who handle hydrogen or materials from which hydrogen can be evolved. Management should ensure that workers have access to proper training to do their jobs safely. After identifying possible hazards (see Safety Planning) associated with a particular job, an appropriate training plan should be developed. Periodic retraining is required as is additional training whenever new equipment and new information become available.

All staff who will be working with or around hydrogen should be adequately trained on hydrogen safety procedures and should understand:

  • Hydrogen properties and behavior
  • Safety requirements for working with or around hydrogen
  • Hydrogen equipment inspection, operation, and maintenance
  • Safety requirements for handling gas under high pressure if appropriate
  • Safety requirements for handling cryogenic liquid if appropriate
  • Emergency notification and evacuation/response policies and procedures (see Dealing with Incidents)
  • First aid procedures

See discussion on Personnel Requirements in the Operating Procedures section.