Non-routine operation heightens the opportunity for operating mistakes to be made. Operating personnel should be diligent during these times to minimize the risk of an incident. Depending on how often a system or process is run, start-up may be a non-routine operation that is not familiar to personnel.

Prior to the start-up of a system, workers should:

  • Verify system configuration and integrity of hardware paying special attention to equipment that has been subjected to maintenance.
    • inspect all fittings and connections for tightness
    • ensure all safety and ventilation systems are operating properly
    • verify proper isolation of the system
  • Purge air out of the system. See Purging 
  • Verify pressure containment, which is often accomplished by pressurizing the system to a modest pressure, closing the pressure source, and making sure the pressure is retained for a period of time

During start-up, closely follow the start-up operating procedures:

  • Pressurize the system with hydrogen in steps, periodically checking for leaks
  • Hold the system at full pressure for a duration and check for leaks
  • If necessary, test the system for impurities
  • Confirm system is operating properly

See Operating Procedures for more specific information on items which should be checked and confirmed at start-up.