Safety Reviews

After the Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment has been performed:

  • Likely hazards within the work scope have been identified.
  • The impact of those hazards on the facility, personnel, equipment, and the public has been evaluated.
  • Controls that will minimize the likelihood and/or severity (i.e., the risk) have been identified.
  • Controls that are easily implemented for lesser hazards have also been identified and should be considered for implementation.

The completed analysis becomes part of the Safety Plan. The completed safety plan should undergo review and approval by a Safety Authority and others as dictated by the institutional practice.

The completed Safety Plan should be reviewed

  • Periodically during design and construction of the system
  • Shortly before startup of the system, primarily to verify that all controls are in place and any open issues are addressed
  • Whenever there is a proposed change that might affect the safety vulnerabilities

When the review results in a revision to the safety plan, the revision should be approved in accordance with the institutional practice.

A Safety Plan must be a living document. A documented Management of Change (MOC) process should be followed whenever a change is made to the system design, construction, operation, or maintenance and the Safety Plan updated accordingly. See Management of Change for more information.