Safety Bulletins

Safety bulletins can be an excellent resource for promoting safety. Relevant bulletins can improve personnel safety performance, help workers understand how to prevent mistakes from recurring, and mitigate facility safety risks. Frequent communication of general safety practices and specific hydrogen safety requirements helps keep safety top of mind.

It is very important to keep the organization focused on hydrogen safety by constantly communicating its importance. Communicating lessons learned from hydrogen incidents and near-misses is an effective strategy for preventing such incidents and near-misses from occurring again. A rich resource for descriptions of relevant incidents and near misses can be found in the Hydrogen Lessons Learned Database.

If you do have an incident or a near-miss involving hydrogen in your facility, please consider sharing the information with others. Hydrogen safety incidents and near misses can be reported in the Hydrogen Lessons Learned Reporting Database. Please share your incidents and near misses with others who are working with hydrogen so they can benefit from your experiences. All incident reports are "sanitized" to ensure that individuals and organizations are not identified.