Safe Shutdown of System Integrators

Although electrolysis companies perform their own safety analyses, hazard analyses should be performed by system integrators to ensure safe integration with controls and integrated emergency shutdowns. Shutdown should be initiated when:

  • The ventilation system is inoperable
  • A hydrogen detector senses a leak[6]
  • High H2-O2 gas cross-over is detected
  • Fire is detected
  • An out-of-bounds operational deviation occurs (water supply issues, over-pressure, low or high temperature, power supply / conditioning upset, etc.)

During emergency shutdown, the following operations should be automatically initiated:

  • Isolate bulk hydrogen storage.
  • Remove power from the electrolyzer, stopping hydrogen production.
  • Remove power from all unclassified electrical equipment.
  • Vent pressurized hydrogen to a safe location.[7]
  • Ventilation system remains on.

[6] Refer to H2Tools best practices on detection for sensor placement considerations: Leak Detection
[7] Refer to H2Tools best practices on Venting