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Personal Protective Equipment

Operating procedures should define what personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn when performing specific tasks.

Examples of PPE requirements include:

  • Personnel working with liquid hydrogen who may be exposed to cryogenic vapors should wear eye and hand protection. Systems should be operated in a way to reduce potential for unprotected personnel contacting uninsulated piping or vessels containing cryogenic hydrogen.
  • Any clothing splashed, sprayed, or soaked with any chemical should be removed in a safe location and replaced with a clean article.
  • Personnel should avoid wearing clothing made of nylon, silk, or wool because these materials produce charges of static electricity that can ignite flammable gas mixtures. Ordinary cotton, flame-retardant cotton, or Nomex clothing is preferred. Gauntlet gloves, tight clothing, or clothing that holds or traps liquid against the body should be avoided.


Types of PPE appropriate for a hydrogen environment include:

  • Face shields are generally required when operating any hydrogen system under pressure and connecting or disconnecting lines or components to protect against pressure-driven debris. 
  • Properly insulated gloves should be worn when handling anything that comes in contact with cryogenic liquids or vapors to protect against frostbite. Gloves should fit loosely and remove easily.
  • Adequate foot protection should be provided, and the trousers should be worn outside boots or work shoes to protect against spills and dropped items. Open or porous shoes should not be permitted.
  • Hard hats may be needed to protect against falling objects.
  • Hearing protection may be needed in noisy areas.
  • Special protective clothing may be needed during cleaning or decontamination operations.


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