Appropriate training that meets OSHA hazmat requirements must be completed by any facility personnel who would take offensive action in the event of a hydrogen release. If a facility does not provide this detailed training, then they should be categorized as a non-responding facility and subject to Emergency Action Plan (EAP) requirements. If the facility wants their personnel to take offensive action, they must meet Emergency Response Plan (ERP) requirements, which are much more stringent. See references for more information.

An emergency action plan covering incident procedures should be developed and implemented to ensure employee safety. At a minimum, it should include:

  • Evacuation procedures, and exit routes, and staging areas for non-responding personnel
  • Procedures for employees who oversee critical plant operations before evacuating
  • Procedures to account for all employees after emergency evacuation is completed
  • Procedures for employees performing medical and rescue activities
  • The preferred means for reporting fires and other emergencies (including emergency phone numbers)
  • Contact information for persons who can provide additional information or explanation of duties covered by this plan.