firefighter photo
Photo courtesy of HAMMER
  • The facility owner/operator should provide the fire fighters with detailed information regarding the incident, hazardous material (including hydrogen) inventories and locations, facility safety equipment and instrumentation, and any actions taken so far.
  • Fire department assistance in an emergency must be under the direction of the senior fire fighter officer (i.e., incident commander). The facility owner/operator should relinquish incident command to the fire department when they arrive and cooperate fully with them.
  • Fire fighters who respond to a spill, fire, or vehicle collision must be familiar with the hazard information cards recommended by DOT or other safety documents.
  • They should also know the recommended exclusion areas to protect the public if a spill or fire occurs.
  • An additional factor for increased safety is awareness of fragment evacuation distance criteria. Guidance should be provided to limit danger from fragments and reduce the probability of injuries or fatalities in explosions.