Assistance in Emergencies

It is very important to provide local emergency responders with a facility overview and tour, as well as a copy of the facility's Emergency Response Plan or Incident Management Plan.

In an emergency, facility employees who are trained and knowledgeable of hydrogen safety should provide information and assistance to emergency response personnel. Information provided should include details regarding the incident, hazardous material inventories and locations, facility safety equipment and instrumentation, and any actions taken so far.

First responder assistance in an emergency is usually under the direction of the senior fire fighter officer (i.e., incident commander). The facility employee(s) should relinquish incident command to the fire department when they arrive and cooperate fully with them.

First responders should be familiar with the properties of the hazardous materials.

They should also be familiar with the specific recommendations for protecting personnel and property in the event of a hydrogen leak, release, or fire.