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Safety design, operation, and control of a liquid hydrogen target at BNL

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L.X. Jia; L. Addessi; V. Castillo; L.H. Gong; J. Leskowicz; R. Meier; G. Miglionico; J. Scaduto

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0065-2482 0-306-45807-1


A liquid hydrogen target for high energy physics experiment, Crystal Ball Spectrometer, was recently built and operated at the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) particle accelerator at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The system safety design, operation, and control of the target was analyzed and evaluated during its two-month beam-taking experiment. This paper reports on this cryogenic project.




Times Cited: 2 Joint Cryogenic Engineering / International Cryogenic Materials Conference 1997 Portland, or Cabot Performance Mat; Cryogas Int Inc; Int Inst Refrigerat; Oxford Magnet Technol & Oxford Superconductor Technol; NorthW Nat Gas; Wah Chang 2



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