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Liquid hydrogen target experience at SLAC

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J.G. Weisend; R. Arnold; P. Bosted; R. Boyce; A. Candia; R. Carr; J. Gao; C.E. Jones; W. Kaminskas; J. Mark; R. McKeown; M. Racine; S. St Lorant; T. Weber

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0094-243X 0-7354-0317-1


Liquid hydrogen targets have played a vital role in the physics program at SLAC for the past 40 years. These targets have ranged from small "beer can" targets to the 1.5 m long E158 target that was capable of absorbing up to 800 W without any significant density changes. Successful use of these targets has required the development of thin-wall designs, liquid hydrogen pumps, remote positioning and alignment systems, safety systems, control and data acquisition systems, cryogenic cooling circuits and heat exchangers. Detailed operating procedures have been created to ensure safety and operational reliability. This paper surveys the evolution of liquid hydrogen targets at SLAC and discusses advances in several of the enabling technologies that made these targets possible.




Times Cited: 0 Cryogenic Engineering Conference 2005 Aug 29-sep 02, 2005 Keystone, CO US DOE, Off High Energy Phys; Fermi Natl Accele Lab; Los Alamos Natl Lab; Off Naval Res & Naval Res Lab; Oak Ridge Natl Lab 0



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