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Title Year Type Author(s)
Highly resolved large eddy simulations of a binary mixture flow in a cavity with two vents: Influence of the computational domain 2019 Journal Article E. Saikali, G. Bernard-Michel, A. Sergent, C. Tenaud, R. Salem
Thermal radiation from cryogenic hydrogen jet fires 2019 Journal Article D. Cirrone, D. Makarov, V. Molkov
Simulation of thermal hazards from hydrogen under-expanded jet fire 2019 Journal Article D. Cirrone, D. Makarov, V. Molkov
Structural response for vented hydrogen deflagrations: Coupling CFD and FE tools 2019 Journal Article G. Atanga, S. Lakshmipathy, T. Skjold, H. Hisken, A. Hanssen
A comparison study into low leak rate buoyant gas dispersion in a small fuel cell enclosure using plain and louvre vent passive ventilation schemes 2019 Journal Article T. Ghatauray, J. Ingram, P. Holborn
Vented explosion of hydrogen/air mixture: An intercomparison benchmark exercise 2019 Journal Article E. Vyazmina, S. Jallais, L. Krumenacker, A. Tripathi, A. Mahon, J. Commanay, S. Kudriakov, E. Studer, T. Vuillez, F. Rosset
Pressure effects of an ignited release from onboard storage in a garage with a single vent 2019 Journal Article S. Brennan, H. Hussein, D. Makarou, V. Shentsov, V. Molkov
R&D on in-Vessel Dust and Tritium Management in ITER 2011 Journal Article F. Le Guern, S. Ciattaglia, G. Counsell, J. Kim, M. Walsh, A. Denkevitz, N. Endstrasser, H. Eixenberger, E. Gauthier, T. Jordan, L. Kammerloher, M. Kuznetsov, R. Neu, R. Redlinger, B. Reiter, V. Rohde, Z. Xu
Comparisons of experimental measurements and large eddy simulations for a helium release in a two vents enclosure 2019 Journal Article G. Bernard-Michel, E. Saikali, A. Sergent, C. Tenaud
Comparisons of hazard distances and accident durations between hydrogen vehicles and CNG vehicles 2019 Journal Article Z . Y. Li, Y . Y. Luo
Mixing and warming of cryogenic hydrogen releases 2019 Journal Article E. Hecht, P. Panda
Prevention of hydrogen accumulation inside the vacuum vessel pressure suppression system of the ITER facility by means of passive auto-catalytic recombiners 2019 Journal Article P. Steffen, E. Reinecke, S. Kelm, A. Bentaib, N. Chaumeix, H. Allelein
Research on hydrogen dispersion by Raman measurement 2019 Journal Article Y. Segawa, M. Inoue, A. Nakamoto, S. Umehara
Determination of underexpanded hydrogen jet flame length with a complex nozzle geometry 2019 Journal Article M. Henriksen, A. Gaathaug, J. Lundberg
Blind-prediction: Estimating the consequences of vented hydrogen deflagrations for homogeneous mixtures in 20-foot ISO containers 2019 Journal Article T. Skjold, H. Hisken, S. Lakshmipathy, G. Atanga, M. Carcassi, M. Schiavetti, J. Stewart, A. Newton, J. Hoyes, I. Tolias, A. Venetsanos, O. Hansen, J. Geng, A. Huser, S. Helland, R. Jambut, K. Ren, A. Kotchourko, T. Jordan, J. Daubech, G. Lecocq, A. Hanssen, C. Kumar, L. Krumenacker, S. Jallais, D. Miller, C. Bauwens
Influence of initial pressure on hydrogen/air flame acceleration during severe accident in NPP 2019 Journal Article R. Scarpa, E. Studer, S. Kudriakov, B. Cariteau, N. Chaumeix
A comparative CFD assessment study of cryogenic hydrogen and LNG dispersion 2019 Journal Article S. Giannissi, A. Venetsanos
Hydrogen dispersion in a closed environment 2019 Journal Article M. De Stefano, X. Rocourt, I. Sochet, N. Daudey
Explosion Venting of Rich Hydrogen-Air Mixtures in a Cylindrical Vessel with Two Symmetrical Vents 2015 Conference Proceedings J. Guo, K. Shao, S.H. Rui, X.X. Sun, Y. Cao, K.L. Hu, C.J. Wang
Hydrogen combustion experiments in a vertical semi-confined channel 2019 Journal Article A. Friedrich, J. Grune, K. Sempert, M. Kuznetsov, T. Jordan
Best practice guidelines in numerical simulations and CFD benchmarking for hydrogen safety applications 2019 Journal Article I. Tolias, S. Giannissi, A. Venetsanos, J. Keenan, V. Shentsov, D. Makarov, S. Coldrick, A. Kotchourko, K. Ren, O. Jedicke, D. Melideo, D. Baraldi, S. Slater, A. Duclos, F. Verbecke, V. Molkov
Small scale experiments and Fe model validation of structural response during hydrogen vented deflagrations 2019 Journal Article T. Pini, A. Hanssen, M. Schiavetti, M. Carcassi
Non-steady characteristics of dispersion and ignitability for high-pressurized hydrogen jet discharged from a pinhole 2019 Journal Article K. Okabayashi, K. Tagashira, K. Kawazoe, K. Takeno, M. Asahara, A. Hayashi, M. Komori
The effect of venting process on the progress of a vented deflagration 2019 Journal Article M. Schiavetti, T. Pini, M. Carcassi
Analysis of transient supersonic hydrogen release, dispersion and combustion 2019 Journal Article W. Breitung, G. Halmer, M. Kuznetsou, J. Xiao