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Title Year Type Author(s)
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Remaining uncertainties in the kinetic mechanism of hydrogen combustion 2008 Journal Article A. Konnov
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DET3D - A CFD tool for simulating hydrogen combustion in nuclear reactor safety 2008 Journal Article R. Redlinger
A general survey of the potential and the main issues associated with the sulfur-iodine thermochemical cycle for hydrogen production using nuclear heat 2008 Journal Article X. Vitart, P. Carles, P. Anzieu
Consequence analysis and safety verification of hydrogen fueling stations using CFD simulation 2008 Journal Article S. Kikukawa
Special issue on hydrogen safety 2008 Journal Article V. Molkov
Detailed and reduced chemistry for hydrogen autoignition 2008 Journal Article F. Williams
Comments on explosion problems for hydrogen safety 2008 Journal Article H. Ng, J. Lee
Scale effects on hydrogen-air fast deflagrations and detonations in small obstructed channels 2008 Journal Article A. Teodorczyk
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Flame acceleration and transition to detonation in ducts 2008 Journal Article G. Ciccarelli, S. Dorofeev