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T. Herbert

Milestones 2025

  • Fuel cells for electric vehicle drives and hydrogen infrastructure for comprehensive, emission-free mobility, with
    • more than 500 public hydrogen fuelling stationsnationally,
    • over half a million fuel cell carson the road and
    • 2,000 fuel cell busesin line service operation within the public transport system
  • Hydrogen generation from renewable energies and integration in the energy system as a link between sustainable mobility and energy supply
    • 1,500 MW electrolysis capacityfor the generation of hydrogen from renewable energies
    • definition and implementation of successful business models for power to gas
    • development of hydrogen storage mechanismsto store renewable electricity
  • Fuel cells for stationary energy supply using decentralized cogeneration in house and building supply, industry and a secure power supply for public safety communication systems, telecommunications, etc.
    • more than half a million fuel cell heating appliancesin operation
    • more than 1,000 MW fuel cell CHP installations in operation  
    • more than 25,000 secure power supply installations in place