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M. Aguirre; M.Ines Valla;


Hydrogen based electric systems can be used as a substitute for large battery banks in distribution systems, especially in applications where there is a big concern for environmental safety. Recent advances in hydrogen technologies allow the conversion back and forth between electric energy and hydrogen; increasing efficiency and reducing costs. A bidirectional Multilevel Current Source Inverter (MCSI) is used to interconnect an electrolyzer and a fuel cell within a low voltage distribution system. The energy storage and the MCSI allow smoothing the power variations which appear in electrical systems with a considerable proportion of wind and/or solar generation.


Times Cited: 0 ICELIE/IES Industry Forum/37th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial-Electronics-Society (IECON) Nov 07-10, 2011 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA Inst Elect & Elect Engineers (IEEE); IEEE Ind Elect Soc (IES); Soc Instrument & Control Engineers (SICE); SE Univ; Curtin Univ; Monhas Univ, Gippsland Reg Automat Ctr; RMIT Univ 978-1-61284-972-0

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