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The Effect on the Combustion and Emission Characteristics of HCNG Engine according to the High Purity Hydrogen Contents

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; ; ; S.W. Lee; ;


This investigation decribes the effect of the combustion and emission characteristics of HCNG engine according to the high purity hydrogen contents. The HCNG fuel was made by the mixture with a high purity hydrogen (H2) and a natural gas. The test vehicle was applied to the bi-fuel (Gasoline and CNG) system and this system was modified from the fuel supply and fuel tank. In addition, the three premixed HCNG fuels with mixed rate of 10, 20 and 30%2of hydrogen were used to maintain the safety. In order to analyze the combustion characteristics of HCNG and CNG, the fuel was injected in the combustor with constant volume. The exhaust emission from light duty vehicle with bi-fuel system was analyzed by a chassis dynamometer and emission analyzer. From these results, the reduction rate of NOx emission increased in the HCNG fuel and emission amount of THC and CO shows a similar level with CNG fuel. This study can be utilized the basic data for the development of a new business plans related with HCNG engines







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