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Permitting Process Overview

Permitting Process Overview

It is crucial to be organized and prepared for the required permits ahead of time.


Best Practices

Conduct a hydrogen permitting workshop using the provided resources with fire officials present.

Get in contact with an existing hydrogen facility or community who has gone through the hydrogen permitting process before.


Essential Knowledge

What Permitting Planning

Read Part 3: Safety Planning of California's Hydrogen Station Permitting Guidebook ( 


The Hydrogen Safety Codes and Standards Applicability Navigator (HySCAN) is an online tool to assist users in identifying relevant hydrogen-specific codes and standards documents.

General Permitting Resources

Find necessary hydrogen permitting tools here: Codes & Standards - Permitting Tools | Hydrogen Tools


The Hydrogen Plus Other Alternative Fuels Risk Assessment Models (HyRAM+) is a software toolkit that integrates publicly available data and models relevant to assessing the safety in the use, delivery, and storage infrastructure of hydrogen and other alternative fuels (i.e., methane and propane).

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