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Title Year Type Author(s)
A comprehensive evaluation of the toxicology of experimental, non-filtered cigarettes manufactured with different circumferences 2013 Journal Article C. Coggins, W. McKinney, M. Oldham
Microwave/H2O2 efficiency in pentachlorophenol removal from aqueous solutions 2014 Journal Article G. Asgari, A. Seidmohammadi, A. Chavoshani, A. Rahmani
Outline of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident 2012 Journal Article K. Kudo
Understanding the conformational impact of chemical modifications on monoclonal antibodies with diverse sequence variation using hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry and structural modeling 2014 Journal Article A. Zhang, P. Hu, P. MacGregor, Y. Xue, H. Fan, P. Suchecki, L. Olszewski, A. Liu
Hydrogen detected by the naked eye: optical hydrogen gas sensors based on core/shell plasmonic nanorod metamaterials 2014 Journal Article M. Nasir, W. Dickson, G. Wurtz, W. Wardley, A. Zayats
Hydrogen sulfide gas emissions in the human-occupied zone during disturbance and removal of stored spent mushroom compost 2013 Journal Article B. Velusami, T. Curran, H. Grogan
Case studies of hydrogen sulphide occupational exposure incidents in the UK 2014 Journal Article K. Jones
On the Decay of Turbulence in the 20-liter Explosion Sphere 2001 Journal Article A. Dahoe, R. Cant, B. Scarlett
An in situ tensile test apparatus for polymers in high pressure hydrogen 2014 Journal Article K. Alvine, T. Kafentzis, S. Pitman, K. Johnson, D. Skorski, J. Tucker, T. Roosendaal, M. Dahl
Fabrication of highly sensitive and selective H(2) gas sensor based on SnO(2) thin film sensitized with microsized Pd islands 2016 Journal Article V. Nguyen, V. Nguyen, V. Nguyen, S. Hoang, N. Hugo, D. Nguyen, V. Nguyen
Towards an Ultrasonic Guided Wave Procedure for Health Monitoring of Composite Vessels: Application to Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft 2017 Journal Article S. Yaacoubi, P. McKeon, W. Ke, N. Declercq, F. Dahmene
Thermal degradation behaviors and reaction mechanism of carbon fibre-epoxy composite from hydrogen tank by TG-FTIR 2018 Journal Article Z. Zhang, C. Wang, G. Huang, H. Liu, S. Yang, A. Zhang
Quantitative assessment of wildfire risk in oil facilities 2018 Journal Article N. Khakzad, M. Dadashzadeh, G. Reniers
Rationally Designed PdAuCu Ternary Alloy Nanoparticles for Intrinsically Deactivation-Resistant Ultrafast Plasmonic Hydrogen Sensing 2019 Journal Article I. Darmadi, F. Nugroho, S. Kadkhodazadeh, J. Wagner, C. Langhammer
Environmental aspects of fuel cells: A review 2021 Journal Article M. Abdelkareem, K. Elsaid, T. Wilberforce, M. Kamil, E. Sayed, A. Olabi
Clostridium cellulovorans Proteomic Responses to Butanol Stress 2021 Journal Article P. Costa, G. Usai, A. Re, M. Manfredi, G. Mannino, C. Bertea, E. Pessione, R. Mazzoli
Specific Process Conditions for Non-Hazardous Classification of Hydrogen Handling Facilities 2021 Journal Article J . Y. Choi, S. Byeon
Recent Advances and Challenges of Nanomaterials-Based Hydrogen Sensors 2021 Journal Article B. Wang, L. Sun, M. Schneider-Ramelow, K. Lang, H. Ngo
Towards Hydrogen Safety Education and Training-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings A.E. Dahoe, V.V. Molkov
Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry: An Emerging Biophysical Tool for Probing Protein Behaviour and Higher-Order Structure 2013 Journal Article J. Ahn, S.John Skilton, K. Yu
Kinematic-Model-Free Predictive Control for Robotic Manipulator Target Reaching With Obstacle Avoidance 2022 Journal Article A. AlAttar, D. Chappell, P. Kormushev
Hydrogen Cooling Options for MgB(2)-based Superconducting Systems 2014 Journal Article W. Stautner, M. Xu, S. Mine, K. Amm
Ultralow detection limit and ultrafast response/recovery of the H(2) gas sensor based on Pd-doped rGO/ZnO-SnO(2) from hydrothermal synthesis 2022 Journal Article X. Zhang, J. Sun, K. Tang, H. Wang, T. Chen, K. Jiang, T. Zhou, H. Quan, R. Guo
Molybdenum Carbide Anchored on N,S Co-Doped Carbon Composite Derived from Lignosulfonate as a High Performance Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 2022 Journal Article N . Y. Oh, S . Y. Park, J . Y. Hwang, H. Jeong, Y. Kim, D. Youn
Chrysler Pentastar Direct Hydrogen Fuel Cell Program 1995 Journal Article M. Kimble, D. Deloney