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The present paper reviews the state-of-the-art of integrated structural integrity monitoring systemsapplicable to hydrogen on-board applications. Storage safety and costs are key issues for the successof the hydrogen technology considered for replacing the conventional fuel systems in transportapplications. An in-service health monitoring procedure for high pressure vessels would contribute tominimize the risks associated to high pressure hydrogen storage and to improve the public acceptance.Such monitoring system would also enable a reduction on design burst criteria, enabling savings inmaterial costs and weight. This paper reviews safety and maintenance requirements based on presentstandards for high pressure vessels. A state-of-the-art of storage media and materials for onboardstorage tank is presented as well as of current European programmes on hydrogen storage technologiesfor transport applications including design, safety and system reliability. A technological road map isproposed for the development and validation of a prototype, within the framework of the PortugueseEDEN project. To ensure safety, an exhaustive test procedure is proposed. Furthermore, requirementsof a safety on-board monitoring system is defined for filament wound hydrogen tanks.

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