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Title Year Type Author(s)
European Hydrogen Safety Training Programme for First Responders: Hyresponse Outcomes and Perspectives 2017 Conference Proceedings F. Verbecke, S. Bertau, V. Molkov
Pool spreading and vaporization of liquid hydrogen 2007 Journal Article G.S. Baronov, S.A. Grigoriev, A.A. Kalinnikov, V.N. Fateev
Contributions to a safety analysis for a hydrogen production system with HTGR 2001 Book Roxana O’Hara, James Ingram, Paul Holborn, et al.
Safety Concept of Nuclear Cogeneration of Hydrogen and Electricity 2015 Conference Proceedings J. Ohi
Turbulent combustion modeling 2002 Journal Article J. Ohi
H2 High Pressure On-Board Storage Considering Safety Issues-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings J.M. Ohi, C. Moen, J. Keller, R. Cox
Hydrogen and Tort Law: Liability Concerns Are Not a Bar To a Hydrogen Economy 2004 Journal Article H. Barthelemy
Uncertainties Leading To the Use of Fuzzy Risk Analysis of Hydrogen Safety 2004 Journal Article
Modeling of Local Hydrogen Production At Fueling Stations 2003 Journal Article S. Ohmiya, H. Fuji
Comparisons of Helium and Hydrogen Releases in 1m^3 and 2m^3 Two Vents Enclosures: Concentration Measurements at Different Flow Rates and for Two Diameters of Injection Nozzle 2015 Conference Proceedings G. Bernard-Michel, D. Houssin-Agbomson
Evaluation of Insulated Pressure Vessels for Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage 1999 Journal Article S.M. Aceves, O. Garcia-Villazana, J. Martinez-Frias
Modeling of Vehicular Hydrogen Storage Transfer Processes 2003 Journal Article J. Viola, R.D. Ventner, T. Bose, P. Benard
Hydrogen Fueled Transportation 1995 Journal Article W.M.D. Van Vorst
CFD Design of Protective Walls Against the Effects of Vapor Cloud Fast Deflagration of Hydrogen 2015 Conference Proceedings E. Vyazmina, S. Jallais, A. Beccantini, S. Trelat
Delayed Explosion of Hydrogen High Pressure Jets in a Highly Obstructed Geometry 2017 Conference Proceedings E. Vyazmina, S. Jallais, J. Daubech
Delayed Explosion of Hydrogen High Pressure Jets: An Inter Comparison Benchmark Study 2017 Conference Proceedings E. Vyazmina, S. Jallais, L. Gastaldo
Vented explosion of hydrogen / air mixture: an inter comparison benchmark exercise 2017 Conference Proceedings Elena Vyazmina, Simon Jallais, Laurent Krumenacker
Vented explosion of hydrogen / air mixtures: influence of vent cover and stratification 2017 Conference Proceedings Elena Vyazmina, Simon Jallais, Mikhail Kuznetsov
Evaluation of Metal Materials for Hydrogen Fuel Stations-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings Y. Wada, R. Ishigaki, Y. Tanaka, T. Iwadate, K. Ohnishi
A Field Explosion Test of Hydrogen-Air Mixtures-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings K. Wakabayashi, T. Mogi, D. Kim, T. Abe, K. Ishikawa, E. Kuroda, T. Matsumura, Y. Nakayama, S. Horiguchi, M. Oya, S. Fujiwara
Ignition of shock-heated H2-air-steam mixtures 2003 Journal Article B. Wang, H. Olivier, H. Grönig
Experimental measurements, CFD simulations and model for a helium release in a two vents enclosure 2017 Conference Proceedings Gilles Bernard-Michel, Elie Saikaly, Deborah Houssin
Numerical Simulation of Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in Hydrogen-Air Mixtures with Concentration Gradients 2015 Conference Proceedings C.J. Wang, J.X. Wen
Predicting Radiative Characteristics of Hydrogen and Hythane Jet Fires Using Firefoam 2013 Conference Proceedings C.J. Wang, J.X. Wen, Z.B. Chen, S. Dembele
An overview of hydrogen storage for transportation application 2005 Book J.C.F. Wang, E.C.E. Ronnebro
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