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Title Year Type Author(s)
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Seasonal Monitoring of Residual Veterinary Antibiotics in Agricultural Soil, Surface Water and Sediment Adjacent to a Poultry Manure Composting Facility 2010 Journal Article Y.Jae Eui, Y.Sik Ok
CFD modelling of accidental hydrogen release from pipelines 2007 Journal Article H. Wilkening, D. Baraldi
Role of chemical kinetics on the detonation properties of hydrogen/natural gas/air mixtures 2007 Journal Article N. Chaumeix, S. Pichon, F. Lafosse, C. Paillard
Safety aspects of future infrastructure scenarios with hydrogen refuelling stations 2007 Journal Article F. Markert, S. Nielsen, J. Paulsen, V. Andersen
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An application of 3D gasdynamic modeling for the prediction of overpressures in vented enclosures 2007 Journal Article J. Karnesky, P. Chatterjee, F. Tamanini, S. Dorofeev
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Risk analysis for the infrastructure of a hydrogen economy 2007 Journal Article O. Rosyid, D. Jablonski, U. Hauptmanns
System design of a large fuel cell hybrid locomotive 2007 Journal Article A. Miller, K. Hess, D. Barnes, T. Erickson
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Numerical and experimental studies of ethanol flames 2007 Journal Article P. Saxena, F. Williams
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