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Title Year Type Author(s)
Evaluation of barrier walls for mitigation of unintended releases of hydrogen 2010 Journal Article W. Houf, R. Schefer, G. Evans, E. Merilo, M. Groethe
Full Scale Experimental Campaign to Determine the Actual Heat Flux Produced by Fire on Composite Storages - Calibration Tests on Metallic Vessels 2015 Conference Proceedings F. Fouillen, B. Valencia, J. Daubech, B. L'Hostis, Y. Flauw
An intercomparison of CFD models to predict lean and non-uniform hydrogen mixture explosions 2010 Journal Article D. Makarov, F. Verbecke, V. Molkov, A. Kotchourko, A. Lelyakin, J. Yanez, D. Baraldi, M. Heitsch, A. Efimenko, A. Gavrikov
The effects of a hydrogen pair in the electronic structure of the FCC iron containing a vacancy 2010 Journal Article S. Simonetti, D. Saravia, G. Brizuela, A. Juan
Use of PSA for design of emergency systems in a sulfur-iodine cycle 2010 Journal Article P. Nelson, A. Mendoza, J. Francois
Controlling Bacteria in Recycled Production Water for Completion and Workover Operations 2010 Journal Article A. Tischler, T. Woodworth, S. Burton, R. Richards
Development and testing of a miniaturized hydrogen safety sensor prototype 2010 Journal Article P. Sekhar, E. Brosha, R. Mukundan, M. Nelson, T. Williamson, F. Garzon
Use of a Heat Pump to Supply Energy to the Iodine-Sulphur Thermochemical Cycle for Hydrogen Production 2010 Journal Article Y. Dumont, P. Aujollet, J. Ferrasse
Hydrogen production from nano-porous Si powder formed by stain etching 2010 Journal Article S. Litvinenko, S. Alekseev, V. Lysenko, A. Venturello, F. Geobaldo, L. Gulina, G. Kuznetsov, V. Tolstoy, V. Skryshevsky, E. Garrone, D. Barbier
Thermal characteristics during hydrogen fueling process of type IV cylinder 2010 Journal Article S. Kim, S. Lee, K. Yoon
A liquid parahydrogen target for the measurement of a parity-violating gamma asymmetry in (n)over-right-arrow + p -> d plus gamma 2010 Journal Article S. Santra, L. Palos, C. Blessinger, J. Bowman, T. Chupp, S. Covrig, C. Crawford, M. Dabaghyan, J. Dadras, M. Dawkins, M. Gericke, W. Fox, R. Gillis, M. Leuschner, B. Lozowski, R. Mahurin, M. Mason, J. Mei, H. Nann, S. Penttila, A. Salas-Bacci, M. Sharma, W. Snow, W. Wilburn
A comparison of test methods for the measurement of hydrogen sensor response and recovery times 2010 Journal Article L. Boon-Brett, G. Black, P. Moretto, J. Bousek
Controlling the Decomposition Pathway of LiBH4 via Confinement in Highly Ordered Nanoporous Carbon 2010 Journal Article X. Liu, D. Peaslee, C. Jost, E. Majzoub
An Influence of Temperature on Microbial Removal of Hydrogen Sulphide from Biogas 2009 Journal Article M. Zdeb, M. Pawlowska
Experimental and numerical studies on the bonfire test of high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels 2010 Journal Article J . Y. Zheng, H . Y. Bie, P. Xu, H. Chen, P. Liu, X. Li, Y. Liu
Air fountains in the erosion of gaseous stratifications 2010 Journal Article E. Deri, B. Cariteau, D. Abdo
Predictive models for PEM-electrolyzer performance using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems 2010 Journal Article S. Becker, V. Karri
Basic tuning of hydrogen powered car and artificial intelligent prediction of hydrogen engine characteristics 2010 Journal Article T. Ho, V. Karri
Reactivity of H-2/air mixtures over hot metal surfaces 2010 Journal Article S. Marengo, G. Migliavacca, F. Hugony, A. Maggioni, C. Morreale
Palladium Doped Tin Oxide Based Hydrogen Gas Sensors for Safety Applications 2010 Journal Article S. Kasthurirengan, U. Behera, D. Nadig
Application of Thermoporometry to Evaluate the Mesoporosity of Cement Pastes 2010 Journal Article T. Vu, F. Frizon, S. Lorente
Renewable carbohydrates are a potential high-density hydrogen carrier 2010 Journal Article Y. Zhang
Experimental Study of Hydrogen-Air Deflagrations in Flat Layer-Paper 2007 Conference Proceedings A. Friedrich, J. Grune, N. Kotchourko, A. Kotchourko, K. Sempert, G. Stern, M. Kuznetsov
Assessing the Durability and Integrity of Natural Gas Infrastructures for Transporting and Distributing Mixtures of Hydrogen and Natural Gas-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings I. Alliat, J. Heerings