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Title Year Type Author(s)
Fiber-Optic Liquid-Interface Sensor for Liquid Hydrogen 2009 Journal Article S. Khotiaintsev, V. Svyryd, H. del Puerto
Optical sensor for online-monitoring of oxygen traces in hydrogen electrolysis 2009 Journal Article B. Scherer, J. Woellenstein
Key Performance Indicators for inherent Safety: Application to the Hydrogen Supply Chain 2009 Journal Article A. Tugnoli, G. Landucci, V. Cozzani
Hydrogen diffusion in Fe-Ni alloys around room temperature 2009 Journal Article T. Otsuka, S. Sasabe, T. Tanabe
Hydrogen energy demonstration plant in Patagonia: Description and safety issues 2009 Journal Article J. Aprea
An experimental investigation on engine performance and emissions of a single cylinder diesel engine using hydrogen as inducted fuel and diesel as injected fuel with exhaust gas recirculation 2009 Journal Article P. Bose, D. Maji
RF plasma synthesis of nickel nanopowders via hydrogen reduction of nickel hydroxide/carbonate 2009 Journal Article L . Y. Bai, J. Fan, P. Hu, F. Yuan, J. Li, Q. Tang
Amplification of the maximum overpressure of hydrogen deflagration in multi-compartment containments 1998 Book F. Fineschi, M.N. Carcassi, L. Lusini, F. Pilo
A preliminary assessment of beryllium dust oxidation during a wet bypass accident in a fusion reactor 2009 Journal Article B. Merrill, R. Moore, J. Sharpe
Buoyancy-driven ventilation of hydrogen from buildings: Laboratory test and model validation 2009 Journal Article C. Barley, K. Gawlik
Transient supersonic release of hydrogen from a high pressure vessel: A computational analysis 2009 Journal Article F. Peneau, G. Pedro, P. Oshkai, P. Benard, N. Djilali
Safety studies of a hydrogen refuelling station: Determination of the occurrence frequency of the accidental scenarios 2009 Journal Article M. Casamirra, F. Castiglia, M. Giardina, C. Lombardo
Safety-barrier diagrams as a tool for modelling safety of hydrogen applications 2009 Journal Article N. Duijm, F. Markert
On the use of spray systems: An example of R&D work in hydrogen safety for nuclear applications 2009 Journal Article C. Joseph-Auguste, H. Cheikhravat, N. Djebaili-Chaumeix, E. Deri
Hydrogen safety aspects related to high-pressure polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis 2009 Journal Article S. Grigoriev, P. Millet, S. Korobtsev, V. Porembskiy, M. Pepic, C. Etievant, C. Puyenchet, V. Fateev
Characteristics of flammable, buoyant hydrogen plumes rising from open vertical containers 2009 Journal Article S. Fardisi, G. Karim
Horizon Expansion of Thermal-Hydraulic Activities into Htgr Safety Analysis Including Gas-Turbine Cycle and Hydrogen Plant 2009 Journal Article H. No, H. Yoon, S. Kim, B. Lee, J. Kim, H. Kim, H. Lim
Numerical study on spontaneous ignition of pressurized hydrogen release through a length of tube 2009 Journal Article J. Wen, B. Xu, V. H. Y. Tam
Capability of passive recombiners to control hydrogen concentration in the containment of an advanced PWR 1997 Book F. Fineschi, P. Vanini, A.Nucl Soc, S.O.C.Amer Nucl
An inter-comparison exercise on CFD model capabilities to simulate hydrogen deflagrations in a tunnel 2009 Journal Article D. Baraldi, A. Kotchourko, A. Lelyakin, J. Yanez, P. Middha, O. Hansen, A. Gavrikov, A. Efimenko, F. Verbecke, D. Makarov, V. Molkov
Behavioral response to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and refueling: Results of California drive clinics 2009 Journal Article E. Martin, S. Shaheen, T. Lipman, J. Lidicker
Numerical study of spontaneous ignition of pressurized hydrogen released by the failure of a rupture disk into a tube 2009 Journal Article B. Lee, I. Jeung
The Contribution of Radiation-Heteregeneous Processes to Hydrogen Safety of Water Cooled Nuclear Reactors 2009 Journal Article T. Agayev
Formation of flammable hydrogen-air clouds from hydrogen leakage 2009 Journal Article K. Ramamurthi, K. Bhadraiah, S. Murthy
Engineering design elements of a two-phase thermosyphon for the purpose of transferring NGNP thermal energy to a hydrogen plant 2009 Journal Article P. Sabharwall, F. Gunnerson